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  1. AO= ambient occlusion In a standard material, on the diffuse section, there is an ambient occlusion option. I was rendering in mental ray.
  2. I noticed a problem with growfx. First I would render a scene with wind blowing branches around, then I would re-render the whole scene with AO materials (for a more realistic look).... anyway sometimes the wind animation would change from the previous pass, not always. What I mean is the trees would be moving differently on the AO pass and it wouldnt match up with the other version. Not sure what caused that or if you can fix it.
  3. Hi, I thought I would share with you a short film I made using plants with growfx. Im new to the plugin, these are just stock trees, and bamboo plants (with some of my own modifications)... anyway. Here it is. I love the plugin. (Shes a playboy model BTW) https://vimeo.com/130921709
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