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  1. Heya folks! I popped in a request about how to make trees react to the ground that they're planted in falling over (earthquake stuff) and thought it'd be really handy for vfx shots to have an object collision modifier too so we could have characters or other objects interacting with the trees. Sounds like a big thing, maybe it's already in progress! Cheers, John
  2. Heya folks! I've to do some r&d for a job where I'll be making some trees fall over into a crack in the ground - earth quake type of effect. I'll have to replace live action trees with CG ones that can fall with the bits of ground that they grow from so I'll have to make them react and bend with the fall. My first thing will be to try a wind force to push the tree over, cache the animation and then play it back as the ground breaks but it'd be great to have some kind of dynamics system built in. Thinking particles definitely does it with skinning but I want to keep the system as easy as possible for juniors to be able to use. Do you guys have any theories on what might work well for this stuff? Cheers! John
  3. Heya! Yep, you're right on that. What I'm getting in some cases though is library trees being merged in from different files so it's handy to be able to relink them. I'm going to have a look at some of the dot net maxscript bits so maybe we could have a floating panel that'll show and allow you to set parameter without having to browse through the paths individually. Fun things!
  4. Yikes that was fast! Much appreciated Eduard, really enjoying the software!
  5. Heya Folks! I've got a job with lots of growfx trees that have lots of paths in them. Is it possible to get maxscript access to the wind object "pick" button so that I can loop through all the trees and branches and set a single wind? In future it'd be great to have some kind of spreadsheet editor to be able to mass add modifiers and change their parameters - on more complex trees the display update can be a bit slow when changing between them all! Cheers! John
  6. Thanks for the tip about the after mesh modifier - I was going nuts trying to figure out how to solve the changing point count issue!
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