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    After the rain

    Description: This is a personal project I did in my free time. It's a scenery where I wanted to achieve an after the rain/fog mood. Hope U like it Programs Used: Corona: lighting, texturing, render growfx: modeling the trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers 3dsmax: modeling the house, mountains etc Megascans: photo-scanned props (stones/rocks, branches, and mushrooms) PS: for post Hi-res image: https://www.behance.net/gallery/5490...fter-the-rain?
  2. thnks ptrain More WIP shotss
  3. Currently working on a pine forest house..Atm im working on the greeneries..the house Is still in concept stages
  4. betwrx

    house in nature

    Title: House in the forest programs used: 3dsmax, corona, growfx description: a personal project I did in my free time..hope u like it
  5. betwrx

    Pine tree

    Some more progression with the pine tree forest almost done
  6. whitebirch.max There it is. Take a look at it
  7. Still cant figure out why after 360 frames the tree go all haywire..this is bugging me :S Nvm record each frame apart solved it
  8. betwrx

    Mint leaves

    There Is Sunshine After the Rain..just a quick model of my mintleaves plant I have at home. #corona #growfx
  9. So because I'm using corona render I have to use to point cache method. The way I did it is to put the wind animation in the after mesh modifier. After that turn on convert to mesh in the pref. parameters add an point cache on top of that. Click New save it as pc2. That worked with no problem. But when I play it on the timeline I get weird animation on couple of frames for the tree (see pic). I tried saving it with the other file type (XML) and somehow max only record the 100 first frames. So I dunno how to fix this
  10. betwrx

    Pine tree

    Thnks..that's still unfinished..lots of things changed
  11. betwrx

    Pine tree

    Thnks eduard!! Here's some more progression phase
  12. Yeah I wish it was implemented..cause the displace within growfx doesnt do much..and to cut down render times I prefer a nice sculpted trunk over texture displacement
  13. Is there a way to send the the tree model to zbrush..so i can detail the trunk even further?
  14. betwrx

    Pine tree

    Some more progress with the greeneries..all made in growfx
  15. The bark is only a bump map or did u use displacement?
  16. betwrx

    Pine tree

    Here it is
  17. betwrx

    Pine tree

    A look at the trees I made in growfx in a scene WIP..some still need some texture fixing
  18. betwrx

    Pine tree

    Hi everybody This is my latest Pine tree I created
  19. So if i decide to let my tree in cilinder mesh mode the branches trunks will keep the holes..and theirs no option to close it.
  20. So theirs anyway to close those cap? Cause when render u can see holes in ur trunks branches :/
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