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  1. Dear all ; May I know, is there a way to prevent the leaves from bending upwards when applying Vector Direction in the attached images 1 and 2 . What I'm trying to achieve here is to have the leaves bending inwards right rather than upward and outward left. Hopefully somone can give some solution to this issue. Thanks in advance. Orientation 0f leave.max
  2. Thanks again Miroslav for resolving my technical issue regarding this. Much appreciated and have a nice day : )
  3. Dear all: Just to check, is there an option to modify the base of the meta mesh, as such that the base is more of a flatten shape rather than a round uniform shape as attached file. May refer to the reference image in which am trying to achieve. Thanks CC Meta_mesh_Branch.max
  4. No worries take your time. Already very helpful of you in taking time to resolve the issues.
  5. Thanks for your quick response Miroslav : ) And really appreciate your help .
  6. Hi Eduard: Is there a way to create distribution in spiral direction as attached path marked in red. Regards CC DISTRIBUTION_IN_SPIRAL.max
  7. Hi Eduard: Just to check , is there a way to set the distribution of the trunk to be in a straight row (image 2.jpg) instead of in circular form (image 1.jpg) Thanks CC DISTRIBUTION_01.max
  8. Hi Eduard: Just to check whats the best way to work with photogrammtey mesh in growfx. How we can extend the branches from the attached model Thanks & Regards HCC Photogrammetry_Test01.max
  9. Eduard , Thanks for your time to resolve this issue : }
  10. Hi Eduard: Sorry to trouble you again. For the split leaves . Can they be angled like the attached images 1 and 2? Thanks CC SplitLeaves_05.max
  11. Hi Eduard: May I know is there a way to construct a pam leaf that has a split at the end as attached image ? Thanks CC
  12. Hi Eduard: Just to check is there a way to create the palm leaf in growfx as attached? Thanks CC
  13. Thanks Eduard for the reply. However, I have another issue with the IG mesh. Am always getting problem with the IG mesh material to be combined to the Growfx object. I always need to trial and error manys times in generating multi material to get it work in most cases. May i know whats the tricks or the correct steps we need to follow in order to get this done easily? Thanks !
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