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  1. Eduard , Thanks for your time to resolve this issue : }
  2. Hi Eduard: Sorry to trouble you again. For the split leaves . Can they be angled like the attached images 1 and 2? Thanks CC SplitLeaves_05.max
  3. Hi Eduard: May I know is there a way to construct a pam leaf that has a split at the end as attached image ? Thanks CC
  4. Hi Eduard: Just to check is there a way to create the palm leaf in growfx as attached? Thanks CC
  5. Thanks Eduard for the reply. However, I have another issue with the IG mesh. Am always getting problem with the IG mesh material to be combined to the Growfx object. I always need to trial and error manys times in generating multi material to get it work in most cases. May i know whats the tricks or the correct steps we need to follow in order to get this done easily? Thanks !
  6. Hi Eduard: May I know how we can match the length of the IG mesh display in lines and Meshes as attached? Or can we construct this petiole of the palm in growfx instead ? Thanks CC Palm_Test.max
  7. Hi Eduard: Have upgraded to Version 2. However, are there any tutorial to show how does this new version works? Thanks & Regards HCC
  8. Hi Eduard: May I know how can i adjust the vector direction as such only the middle part and lower part of the tree are affected. The upper will remain not affected Please see attached image Thanks HCC Tree01.max
  9. Thanks Eduard for your time in solving my queries in regard to this topic.
  10. Hi Eduard: May I know how can i adjust the direction of the leaves as in my reference images 1.jpg Attached herewith the working files for your adjustment if necessary. Thanks & Regards CC Direction of leaves.max
  11. Hi Eduard: Thanks for the reply I had manage to resolve the issue by re-creating a new material. Perhaps somehow the file might be corrupted. Regards CC
  12. Hi Eduard: I realized the Material ID is not working in my this working file. I had assigned Material ID 3 but it only recognized it as Material ID 2. As such the Chaos Material ID is not working as well in this case . May I know whats cause and the solution to this? Thanks & Regard CC
  13. Hi Bzuco: Thanks for your reply : ) Will try. Regards HCC
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