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  1. and to return to normal mode, just reinstall GrowFX_1_9_9_SP5_3dsMax_2016_Setup.exe? i believe this would be bad workflow at least for now, as GrowFX_1_9_9_SP5_3dsMax_2016_Setup.exe from the site still has scaling bugs. i presume rendernode will have errors too.
  2. How to set growfx silent mode. I`m running batch file operations and growfx interrupts automatic process with some complains.
  3. Rokas


    nice moss, very believable. Did You scatter moss with forestpack-like software or all the foliage is growfx only?
  4. Which part is unsuccessful? Yes it is possible. Just insert ForestColour map before bitmaps or colors used and adjust forest color settings.
  5. I like it. Depends from how far You gonna see them.
  6. Thank You for an explanation, nice to know the details how plugin works.
  7. Thank You for reply, Can You please try it yourself and see if it works? I tried myself and results are not acceptable, but maybe i did something wrong
  8. Hi, I`ve downloaded number of files from sites plant library. Most of them are prepared for Imperial unit system. I use metric and upon merging some of them clearly imports not correctly (roots). IE this Tristania obovata tree: It is supposed to look this way: Some other models imported look OK, but I am not sure anymore. Maybe difference is not as visible but still not the way it was designed. I want reconvert every model, just don`t know how. So I wonder what is the way to convert models form 'inch" -> "cm" scale ?
  9. Hi I wonder if next major version will use all CPU threads to generate trees faster? Is it possible to implement this in current version?
  10. sure, thank you 2016.11.10_Chestnut Recreate.max
  11. Can You please attach a max file, so we could learn, how it`s done?
  12. Hi, again i wonder how to make leaves like this:
  13. How to make branches go at controlled angles, like in this picture- no branching in sides, only in top and down directions:
  14. Thank You and sorry for hijacking topic. What about issue mentioned in 1st post?
  15. I couldn`t wait for v2 and also started to explore this software. but I cant understand big essential things changing from version to version. One more example: Density graph now is not clipped but squashed. And I dont know which way it should be. But certainly it is not ok to change from version to version:
  16. now I can open troubled files. i will let you know should i encounter more problems. thank You.
  17. i tried to download free sample trees from maxtree.com but cant open most of them as max crashes...
  18. One more thing I love about iTooSoft team- they got superb tutorials and the best one about growfx I found is only this: https://exlevel.com/tutorials/HowToCreateASimpleTree2/ Video tutorials I found are without voice explaining stuff,- that's no tutorial.
  19. Hey, Eduard,Your fast replies to every post I posted gave me enough reason to believe in this product. Hope to learn this plugin some time soon. Thank You.
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