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  2. I would lime to get a version for max 2018, thanx.
  3. are improvements merged for all growfx versions downloads in website already?
  4. Dah.. I understand that... I want batch process multiple growFX objects all paths not knowing their names... I need maxscript commands, to get the names of paths used in current growfx. I can`t explain more clear than that...
  5. I still dont see a maxscript command to get path name. My paths name is not Path_01. command "ShowProperties $.Path_01" doesnt work. i need another command to get my paths name
  6. I want leaves to start at the trunk base. not fly in the air. (with radius chaotic radius)
  7. I`ve attached a file..on previous post I thought I attached too, but attaching is a two step process.. Maybe this time I am more clear, what i want to achieve: leaves_stick.max
  8. ok, i made variable radius trunk, how to start a branch(or leaf in my case) from that variable radius trunk ?
  9. Oh inverse logic again, which I have difficulty to grasp... And later opening file and trying to figure out where is that "any parameter" driving Radius is... makes my head spin.
  10. I don't understand mechanics, how that path makes it work? I don't exactly need it yet. That`s just the way I teach myself of new software- make mini challenges for myself.
  11. It is easy to randomize length of paths, but how to randomize radius as well?
  12. is it possible to adjust how much contrast I get? in example I would like elements to get from a sets of 3 contrast level [0%; 50%;100%] How to achieve that?
  13. Is it possible to provide my created spline for growfx as base spline and further object creation?
  14. Thank You, exactly what I wanted. this is great.
  15. How to get a statistics how many branches there are generated on a current/all path/s, how many leaves, etc.. is there are way to check?
  16. how to get growfx path name via maxscript? since some parameters need it: <growfx>.<path>.Enabled : Boolean default: on
  17. thats just setting turn axis to 90. that's it. oh and set number of branches to 2 instead of 1 dont understand how to attach a file in this forum...
  18. Yes i would like a rendernode version. Resaving in full versio requires opening in full version which is open to errors. So i would prefer batch operations in silent mode.
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