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  1. Is there a way to choose different leaf geometry based on vertex color? in either version1 or v2 ?
  2. Node wiring is cancelled if trying to pan using middle mouse button:
  3. It does not happen all the time, but already happened 5 times or so by playing little time. It got too annoying to keep testing further. Attaching dmp file. Is it of any use for You ? gfx.7z
  4. Hi When upgrading a version to a v2, should it convert without any changes to a mesh or some is allowed? I see some plants do not convert nicely.
  5. Hi How to visually identify which is factor which is Float value : ? And why I cant dynamically relink graphs after they were created to one or another. It keeps creating new graphs. Is there any Beta Board for such questions ?
  6. found the answer: $.mesh.numfaces
  7. Hi how to get growfx Objects Numfaces with maxscript ?
  8. Seems it was double misinformation. Not only it took more than few months, but update is not free as well.
  9. Missing flower.jpg texture
  10. Can You remove activations to make room for other ones?
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    New Site

    Congratulations on new site. Looking good! All the best
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    good looking model, thank You.
  13. maybe something like this: https://www.itoosoft.com/freeplugins/coloredge.php
  14. I would highly suggest not to include new abilities to draw branches in v1.xxx It would create more questions and more bugs,- features to alter... thus interrupting your v2 develpment. It is a major improvement- it deserves to be robust and well developed. You will have to make v2 announcement with improvements and new features. And this sure sounds like nice new feature. If it was in v1.xx you could not say it is new feature...
  15. i didn't understand what you mean by You use only algorithms in v2.0, I understand about changes in this version must by copied to v2.0. It sure slows You down to work out details in both versions... Don't ignore bugs reported, but leave new features for next version. I think that would be normal. I would definitely want to play with that. If there would be an option to use faster metamesh for some trees/situations/previews while working with a object, before deciding if needs a better/slower metamesh. That would be great! This change alone is worth new version! I would wait for that. No need to hurry to implement in next minor version. I hope You do have ideas. In this computing age, using one processor for heavy tasks is bad practice. Typical growfx user probably have 8 threads of CPU and with threadripper more and more users start to have 32 threads. Excited. Plants from Krrol lacks some standardization using texture files, But gorwFX skills are superb. Never is too late. We will wait. Definately the feature if v2.0! Leave some goodies for v2 and have some marketing material to show it off for new users to get this plugin. Keep up the good work. No problem. That is my perspective. Hope you find it usefull.
  16. Having found this topic about v2 and seeing date the posts were made (back in years 2012 2013) makes me laugh... and cry... in tears.It is "half life 3" all over again. (Hope you understand the reference).If you don't, it means: "Next major version probably will never be released..."Prove me wrong and I will be a happy camper.Also back to post one in this thread:Current gfx meta-mesh is slow as snail.. Even slower than max native blob mesh.. Did a test- 6889 vertex snow cover like object. GrowFX Metamesh- 3 minutes, Blobmesh 3 seconds. Nowhere near Thinkbox Frost like we would all want. Multi-threaded meta-mesh would be great to have in growfx version 3. My grandchildren would be grateful, probably. My current wishes:1. Node based UI, so you can see everything in one view, not multiple popup windows like it is now: 2. Not backward parenting child objects logic. It is counter intuitive.If I want to change branch length based on its position on parent, that parameter should be available from branches length parameter, not only from its parents parameters. Node based layout should solve this by default. 3. Library. Now is none. I can only learn from best I`ve seen (free) Krrol growfx plants: https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/profile/812-krrol/ Kudos Krrol 4. Some getting started tutorials.I watched some Spanish YouTube videos which are the best training source so far. (Official documentation is fine for general understanding though, but no official material is good as "hands on" training. P.S. Going from version 1.9.xx to 1.10 is misleading and deceptive numbering and marketing. Everyone expects v2.0. It was not version 1.09. TL;DR version 2 was planed in year 2013. I almost lost hope. Software felt behind initial hype, industry trends and standards.
    Snow is not convincing.. maybe from far away...
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    Plants are superb- water messy and buggy.
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