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  1. Hello all, sorry for the really late reply. My results for the animated 3D and "2D" cracks, what I used GrowFX for, can be seen here: https://youtu.be/4j6l4gp-k2Y?t=263 Enjoy, cheers andreas
  2. Thanks to the new feature and new property "DisableAllMetaMeshes" in the future versions and thanks to Eduard's great support I am able to quickly switch between the two generation methods Thanks again Eduard!
  3. I just tried to render a sequence locally and it seems, that MetaMeshes are not generated at all. I maybe have to mention that I am talking about animated (growing) GrowFX objects. Single frames are no problem as they are generated before pressing "render". Thanks andreas
  4. Hello! I ran into an issue with Vertex Colors when I use MetaMeshes and render it via Backburner. The error message says: object (vertex colors) <growfx_object> requires texture coordinates and may not render correctly The same scene renders fine when "Disable all Meta meshes" is checked on all GrowFX objects. Thanks for your suggestions! Best andreas
  5. Thanks Eduard! Sorry for the "bloat", I sent the wrong file - that one before removing hidden stuff I am not sure whether I geht the point, or if you did understand me right. I see the same problem in your file..? Anyway, I will use an older file with reduced noise without gradually "Strength" and deal with noise in the next days. For my preview that has to be finished it will last Thanks a lot for your great support! Cheers andreas
  6. Hello Eduard and others ! There is an issue I run in while animating "Cracks". I am using direction modifiers "Noise_dir" to keep it natural (even if the client maybe will prefer straight lines, then the problem would be gone..). If I don't use variable "strength" parameter, then the animation is just fine, but the branches won't start from the "trunk" immediately but randomly offset. If I use variable "strength" parameter with a rising curve, then all branches start from where they should, but animating the tree-crack this parameter seems to scale to the length of the actual branch - so every crack is changing its shape while growing. The same is true for children branches, the start to jitter as the parent branch changes. This would be no problem for a real (timelapse) growing tree or plant, but in my case a grown crack (inside of a rock for instance) can never change its shape. Is anyone aware of a quick solution? I hope I could be clear enough to describe my problem. I attached a test file with a Trunk and four child branches. Inside of B_01 I disabled the "Strength" graph of the Noise_dir modifier, the others have the graph enabled. You can quickly see the issues an differences. I tried to lower "Step" size continously as there are similar issues when the steps are to large. Thanks! andreas 02_Crack_2D.max
  7. Hi Eduard, thanks, so I continue clicking 'till the new property appears Cheers andreas
  8. Hi Eduard, thanks, I just found out the same thing by myself, I wonder why I didn't realized it because I've already played with that parameter. Cheers andreas
  9. Hi all! I am creating cracks with GrowFX and sometimes they need to be only 2D, but they need to have distortion via Noise_dir or Random_dir. Is it possible to limit the calculation in just 2 axes? thanks andreas
  10. Oh cool Eduard! Thanks for the quick reply! I tried to wire, but the section "Preference parameters" is not available for wiring. Please take into account, that there could be additional Modifiers on the GrowFX objects. I need at least "UVW Xform" for animated mappings. Thanks! cheers andreas
  11. Hello! I am working with 3ds max for 15 jears, I am relatively new to GrowFX and love it very much - nearly neverending possibilites I think. For workflow purposes I'd love to have an option to toggle the checkbox for "Disable all Meta meshes" for all GrowFX objects in the scene. This is a very very welcome new feature as walking through all the meshes and disabling Cylinder meshes/enabling Meta meshes was an adventure. Is there a script (I think it won't be too difficult to make one, but unfortunately I never had time to get into max script too depply) or can someone help with a quick hack? All inputs would be highly recommended! thanks, all the best andreas
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