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  1. Hello! I've recently made a showreel where in some shots growfx was used. Its a great plugin and I'm looking forward to work with it more as soon as I have more computing power to work with heavy detailed trees. In the showreel there is a Airmax tribute animation, where GrowFX was used for all the vegetation including the forests in the background, which I was forced to render separately due to long parsing times (the trees are heavy detailed with the needles and stuff) GrowFX was also used for the trees in the background of the candles shot. Here is the full showreel: https://vimeo.com/168562280 Also here is the another project where I have used the same trees in closeup: and some clay Thanks for the awesome piece of software GrowFX is one of the best plugins for Max I ever had, and the possibilities are far ahead than only vegetation Cheers, Martin
  2. Hello I've made an animation of growing plant, and its pretty highpoly (with metamesh, etc) and I would like to bake it to cache to speedup the work in viewport. But when I try to record the cache, GFX crashes 3ds max without error. I've also tried PointCache, Corona Proxy export, Alembic, but without any luck, it crashes too, therefore I assume that the problem is on the GrowFX side. I use 1.9.9 Beta. Thanks P.S.: I've attached the scene only with the GFX object so you can test. growfx_cache_bug.max
  3. Awesome, thank you! that was what I was looking for.
  4. Hello, thanks for a fast reply. That method works, but I lack the ability to control the angle between the secondary branches - they are distributed properly, but flat. and I'm not able to control it with any parameter (only vector direction modifier, but that is still not what I want) Underneath is my approach, but as you can see, the distribution is wrong, but I'm able to control the angle using Angle Bend Thanks! M.
  5. Thank you! Well, there was a little misunderstanding - I'm using affects already, with no problem... my problem is, that all the time im trying to create branch level 2, my secondary branches look like this Finally, I've figured out the distribution of the branches from your screenshot... But now I cannot control the vertical angle of the secondary branches with the Angle Bend, because its controlling the horizintal angle. I've tried using hard bend or vector direction, but I think its more complicated way. Is there any way to achieve the distribution (like I ilustrated in my first post) with Angular distributor? Thanks! Martin Nabelek
  6. Hello, I've recently started learning GrowFX in past week, and It's amazing plugin with so much potencial. At the moment I'm still running on a demo (since I have to save up a little more money for educational licence ). I came to the point, where I'm struggling with a difficult problem - creating uneven branches on second level. Since level feature doesn't look very user friendly to me, Im creating my branch levels with 2 paths, then generating twigs, and then scattering it with instanced geometry of needles. Problem is, that even though I'm trying to use random count, with value 2, its more likely that all my branches dissappear instead of randomisation between 2 and 1 in count. Or else - I only get 2 all the time and sometimes on, but very rare. This is an illustration of what I'm trying to get - Is there any simple way to achieve it? By the way- here is where I'm so far Thanks for any help or advice! Cheers!
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