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  1. I have to appologise, it's not the plugin appearantly, it's something that was running simultaniously with 3dsmax within my chrome internet browser, it's the Yola-website builder, there's something there screwing with my graphics driver, java or what have you... Still trying to figure out what exacly, but not grow fx, appologies )
  2. Hey; We're using ExLevel for about 2 months now. Everything seemed to work fine and we're really happy with the product. Recently we're having some issues with driver crashes concerning our graphical cards (Geforce Titan). It only seems to happen when we're working with Exlevel, in the midst of a WIP progress. The screen will go black, then it flickers back on, with the windows popup message window saying our graphics driver just crashed and recovered. However the 3dstudio max window is frozen and we have no other option then to force-quit the software through taskmanager. Is it possible Exlevel is somewhere making our graphical card crash? We're not exceeding the limit or anything, it just seems to somewhere bug out and kill our graphics-driver. Any thoughts? Regards; Ethan
  3. I'm going to dig into the 2 files and the modified tree you sent back earlier first. I can probably understand what I'm doing wrong from those files. If I still don't understand after that I'll get back to you. What I meant earlier was that when I do exacly what I see you do, I get the same results, but when doing it on a 3rd rank branch it doesn't work and i'm sure there's a reason, so i need to dig some more into the tree you modified cause it worked on that one.. so trunk (level 1) > branch (level 1) > branch (level 1 + level 2)
  4. yeah i get the same thing when i use only 2 paths, i'm trying it on a 3rd one, there's something i'm missing... i'll look more into it tomorrow.. awesome feedback though. will browse some tutorials as well
  5. I understand now. So but as I'm trying to adjust the starting point of the second level of branches the first level will change starting position as well. So if I want only the second level of branches to change position I basicly need to make a new path I was trying to not do this since the demo only has 5 paths to create cheers
  6. amazing lol thank you (we're buying the software btw, just waiting for approval from financial dep) cheers man
  7. here's the file if wanted: i'm gessing it's a stupid fix but i've only been dangling with this fantastic soft for a few days... learning curve is really fast, is amazing, and fun. tmp.max
  8. hey I got that far actualy, thanks, i was worried i chose the wrong one because i seem to be unable to understand that pop up box in that box: When i select the start position, It does what you said, the branches start "2nd-levelling" sooner However, to further control this feature with the parameters supplied, I'm getting lost... Im entering random values between 0 and 10 in all the boxes to see if anything changes, but the only thing that changes something is the "Random Time" box when going from 0 to 1. other then that i can enter values from 0 to 100000+ they don't seem to be doing anything in the viewport (i checked if manual update is off)
  9. Hello; Is there a way to determine "when" a second level starts on a branch? Right now I have to make branches longer for 2nd level to start branching, but i need it to happen sooner then it does at the moment. For example: i need 2nd level branching after 15cms of branch, now it's doing it on 50+ cm branch regards
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