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  1. Will you be compiling a max 2021 installer? I can't use it otherwise.
  2. That's disappointing. Is there any scope to there being an algorithm based solution in the pipeline at all? Similar to "The Grove" plugin for Blender?
  3. Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.
  4. Hey guys, Have been using growfx for quite a while now and have had no issues (other than I'd like to see some culling based on how little light some branches receive) - but I've recently been starting to use atlases from quixel megascans, which are absolutely magnificent. I've been looking at ways of utilising more and more of their library, but really I can only use the end leaves/branches at the moment. Speedtree has a new "mesh anchors" feature that lets you specify points on each atlas that will allow you to spawn other branches/leaves/paths; this is perfect for what I need - would it be possible to implement it? Kind regards, Chris
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking at creating thinner insides of trees and bushes where leaves naturally receive less light - thus growth is promoted on outer branches. Is there any way to achieve this? I've tried using path/object reactions to get branches to "push" outwards from the centre but it still doesn't look right. Surely there is a better way than manually deleting branches?
  6. I am finding that one of the (inevitable) shortfalls of Growfx, or any tree creation software that requires the user to create the tree is that unlike real trees you end up with just as many branches in the centre of the crown as you do on the edges... Real trees seek light, and do so by spreading outwards not inwards, and will "cull" branches and leaves towards the middle of the crown, also sometimes when space is an issue. I have tried to use the Path reaction modifier to get branches to reflect and avoid one another, and even an object reaction modifier (placing a sphere in the centre of the crown), but the former was useless and the latter was unrealistic looking, with branches suddenly changing direction for no apparent reason. Is there a way to achieve this as the software stands? If not, would it be possible to perhaps create something that places branches in a more realistic manner - perhaps something that generates a basic "hull" around the crown of the tree and culls, shortens or thins out branches towards the centre, using a falloff curve? You could for example have a "hull distance affects length/count/density". I realise that generative/iterative software (arbaro, L systems, ivy generator) is far better suited to this as it calculates the tree and light it receives as it grows with each iteration, but obviously unlike growfx you lose complete control over how the tree looks, save a few basic parameters at the beginning. Thanks in advance, and sorry if it doesn't make as much sense as it does in my head. Chris
  7. Never mind, the first distributor had a chaos count of 100% meaning that on various seeds nothing would generate. My mistake.
  8. Hey guys, Spent a few hours yesterday creating a tree, but for whatever reason it has stopped calculating the tree; it shows no splines or meshes. Other trees in the scene work just fine, as you'd expect them to. I've even tried saving it as a preset and loading it in to a new growfx object but to no avail.
  9. Wonderful, thanks for the info. Presumably it's worth just sticking with the after mesh modifier for a wind animation then?
  10. Hey guys, I have a single licence that I use at work, I'm just wondering whether or not it's possible to install and use the software at home so that I can continue my work without having to buy a second licence? Presumably as long as both licences aren't active at the same time this shouldn't be an issue?
  11. Hey guys, Just wondering what the difference between the two wind modifiers is. One is available in the direction modifiers, the other in the after mesh modifiers; I realise there is no difference in the GUI/settings between the two but are they meant for different workflows? Are there any advantages/disadvantages of using one over the other? Thanks in advance, Chris
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