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  1. Thanks for the quick response Eduard. I'm using Max 2018. Please see attached scene. I noticed my RAM shoots up massively and I have 256 gig of ram :/ Thanks in advance for your help/advice. Scene.ZIP
  2. Hi everyone, Why does GrowFX keep crashing when trying to render with vray? It crashes while either creating paths or meshes during the render prep process. Anyone experience this before? I have broken up the planting into a few separate growFx but still takes ages to load the file on open and needs to create heaps of paths and meshes during rendering. I don't have a lot of plants. 3 different kinds that's it.
  3. Hi guys, Not sure where to post this but I am seeking professional GrowFx artists to model some high-end trees and plants. Anyone interested please contact Adam at hello@alivestudios.com.au Please show me a portfolio of amazing trees and plants.
  4. Here at work we only use Mental Ray. Any ideas when the plugin will support Mental Ray? We really need it. Thanks!
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