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    Silver Birch

    Hi, These are the reference photo and renders of model 3) and 4). This is a more updated render since I didn't use vertex coloring on the previous one. Regards, Georgi
  2. georgi91

    Silver Birch

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to show you a model of a birch that I made in GrowFX. I made the base model using a reference photo that I took (which I will upload later). It was a good exercise using the program and I made 4 models altogether: 1) 4.7 million polys with modeled leaves, 2) 1.6 million polys with basic rectangle that has 4 edges, 3) 4.8 million, 4 edge rectangle with opacity map, 4) 4.9 million, same as above Also - http://i.imgur.com/h7ZKMDU.jpg - Here's a larger resolution render of the 3rd image. Comments and tips are welcome Regards, Georgi
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