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  1. Thanks for your help Tobitobs; I will make more attention about that next time, and will correct it. Here are two new plants : Ivy and bamboo
  2. Two other (mint and laurels)
  3. Hello Want to share my little experience with GrowFx. If anyone have some questions I'll try to answer. Thanks for your indulgence ! Roland
  4. Hi Mentor Really really great modeling (looks like a zbrush model)... My question is simple : how do you make those outgrowth and holes on the trucs of your tree ? Is it difficult for a medium user ? I don't want the attached file ( ), I respect your work ! Thanks a lot Roland
  5. Hi Eduard I found this post in the archives of the forum, because I can't add leaves on my GFX model. I've created an IG modifier on my stem path and when i pick my custom leaf nothing happens... I don't understand why, could you help me ? (in PJ the model) Thanks glycine.max
  6. Waooo Jamie... always amazing. Lots of details and great renders again with this plant. When do you start to make video tutorials ? i think a lot of GFX users could be interested !
  7. No.... it's not a 3d and render, it's impossible ! I've never seen a render as close as an image. Could you tell us more 3DMK ? Have you planned to write a tutorial ? I'm really really impressed about your result, congratulations ! Roland
  8. Hi Eduard I've had some time to look at these questions ans answers you gave me. For bending leaves your solution is great and it works perfectly. But I've asked the question of the geometry of the leaves, as that : when you observe a tree the oldest leaves are at the beginning of the branch, and the youngest at the end. So I was hoping to have a gradient size of leaves from trunk to the end of branches. Is it possible to do, as with the branches (I've not found any way to have smallest branches to biggest from the top to the bottom of the trunk too...) ? Thanks ! Roland
  9. Waoooooo !! Amazing !! Can't wait for that ! It's Christmas time Eduard !!
  10. Hi Eduard Thanks (again !) for all those answers. I'm really happy that every subject for GrowFx is a research source for you. This is another reason why I continue to use it ! Think that the question of implement the collision is more important that the other demand... but all is important for you I suppose ! Well... one other question, about how to make a sculpt bark trunk like that... not only at the bottom ot the tree... (and not in Zbrush !) If it is possible, do you think that the mesh at the intersection of the trunk and branches will be ok ? Thanks Roland
  11. Hi Eduard 1 and 2... how ? Well this post is also very interesting , on how you can model a self-adaptating tree from an environment... is it possible with GrowFx ? I asked myself a question too : is there a way to prevent the collision of the branches and leaves ?
  12. Hi ! I've discovered a really really nice thread in the Ronen's forum, witch talks about the making of realistic trees and especially foliage. These are in the monstrous topic (16 pages today) some questions Eduard and regular users here could ask I think. I noted some comments (responses on the words in bold ?) and hope to have yours... I will post some (if it's interested to) when I will have read all the thread ! From Islant : "I think as some have said, imitating reality 100 is quite difficult, an important thing to have real trees is that the leaves are never the same geometrically, most are bent (not are a simple plane), others have more thickness, the young have a deeper green than the old, etc ... these are all factors that influence the level of translucency". 1/ Do you think it's possible to have different geometry for the leaves (bigger on the beginning and in the middle of a branch, smaller at the end per example) ? 2/ Is it possible to bend some leaves and have other not ? 3/ Is it possible to control the thickness (think is easier with a shader) of leaves ? Well... I read I read and I'm completely inside ! Thanks ! Roland
  13. Hi ! There was a topic on a making off Agave here : http://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/300-agave-americana/ Maybe it will interest you
  14. Waooo Paul you're the GrowFx encyclopedia ! Your answers are really really helpful for us. I'm copying your posts in a "How to" that I will have in front of me... Thanks a lot !
  15. For the vertex color of the leaves you have a perfect shader called GrowFxMultiMap; see here http://exlevel.com/tutorials/HowToUseGrowFXMultiMap/ For the various size I don't know ! Thank you so much ptrain03, I'm looking at those advices and will show you a result.
  16. Don't hesitate to ask your questions, but I only have some days more than you on GrowFx !... Sure you will (I too) find the good method. But as I do now a tree with 1,5 million polys is 10 seconds growing when I modify it... For the moment I'm trying to optimize the number of polygons when the tree is convert to mesh (80 to 100mo)... if you or anyone have any advice...
  17. Amazing work Jamie ! I don't really understand what the way to have this result but it's awesome ! If you have time a mini-tutorial should be fine
  18. Hi Aurélien and welcome in the GFx forum my friend ! When you work on a tree you can just try to display lines and not meshes too, and time to time display meshes... Don't hesitate to post your work here, Eduard and the community are always ready to help Cheers Roland
  19. RolandB62

    Summer Tree

    ... anyway I need to have some advices on how to make good bark as yours... The "connection" between trunk and branches is amazing, how did you get this ?
  20. RolandB62

    Summer Tree

    Wonderful ! I'm working on this kind or final renders but I'm far away from this amazing picture ! And I discover that there are presets in GFx ? I work with Corona too, and I've found the lighting of this renderer before reading your post Congratulations !
  21. RolandB62

    Contry house

    Waooo, amazing work there... not my style but you have done a really good render with so much details ! And what a work with Gfx !! Congratulations
  22. RolandB62

    Large Park area

    Yes Jamie, it's a wonderful work ! I'm working on similar images (without water but with buildings around) and I could have questions and advices to ask. Should I write and send my renders to have your opinion ? Thanks Roland
  23. You're right Jamie, and this is the advantage of software that is still on a human scale. Eduard is a very always ready to help, it's a great thing for us, and it saves, as you told,a lot of time and money. So I'm going on, and have more and more fun with GrowFx. Thanks for your kinds words. Roland
  24. Your work is full of surprises ! Thanks, I will try it tomorrow
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