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  1. Hello, I'm currently trying to use grow fx on an animated spline. To do this I'm growing a controller spline down a hand animated spline by using the Spline Direction Mod. We have some hand animated vines and we want to add some secondary branshes and leaves using GrowFX. The problem I'm getting is that the animation of the hand animated spline is only picked up by the Spline Direction mod when the spline is selected, and Max is set to modifier mode. If this isn't done then GrowFx uses the last frame the Spline Dir mod was turned on, or when the spline was last selected. I can't see any way round this problem at the moment, and wondered if you guys had any ideas? I've attached a file showing the problem we have. Thanks, Hugh animated_spline_test_v01.max
  2. Great thanks Eduard! We'll get that downloaded and installed. I take it we need to update the render nodes as well?
  3. Hi Eduard, Sorry for the late reply on this. I've actually been working on something else, but I've encountered a similar problem. This time the corrupt mesh has come from adding an After Mesh Mod. In this case I've added a wind to create a timelapse motion on a growing plant. This mostly works but on some of the meshes this results in intermittent corrupt meshes being generated. This is now something I can't work around as I need to have this wind drive the timelapse random motion require to get the right look. Any thoughts on how to get round this? Or is this something that can be fixed? I've attached a screenshot of the effect, and a Max file with the effected plant. Thanks, Hugh GrowFX_Corrupt_Mesh_v01.max
  4. I've tracked the problem down to the Override Steps tick box. When I tick this on secondary branches, the meshes become corrupt.
  5. Hello, I've recently adjusted a tree I've been working on, the tree looks fine in the spline view, but when I switch to mesh view, the meshes are all corrupt. I'm using simple cylinders rather than meta mesh, but instead of cylinders, the mesh builders produce infinite planes. I've had this problem a few times, and sometimes its solved by a restart, but the current file stays corrupt even after a restart. I can possibly remove the corrupt meshes buy deleting the mesh builders and starting again, but my worry is that when rendering this on the farm if nodes are rebuilding the growfx meshes on the farm, some of the nodes will produce corrupt meshes? I've attached a screenshot to show the problem. Thanks, Hugh
  6. Thats great, downloaded the latest version, and now works.
  7. ok, thanks Eduard. I'm impressed with the speedy response at Exlevel. Great turn around on bug fixes.
  8. Hello, I'm working on a tree growth animation, but I'm having trouble producing smooth growth animation. I have nice growth animation for the primary branches, but the secondary branches are popping in rather than smoothly growing. I've added a level affect on the secondary branches path distribution start position, and also a path position affect on the secondary branches length, but I'm still getting whole branches appearing rather than smoothly growing. I've attached my Max file if that helps. Thanks smooth_grow_secondary_branches_v01.max
  9. forgot to add, that I'm running version 1.9.8 SP3 in Max 2014
  10. Yes, I'm also getting this crash on trees from VP Real Trees library. So far only tested Hippocastanum, and Hornbeam trees. Is reproducible, just load one of these tree models, and hide the branches - Max crash.
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