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  1. Great!! I wouldn't have guessed it's necessary that the target value is not set to zero. Thanks!
  2. Hello Eduard, Yes, that's right, different starting angles. This is the plant I am trying to model: But the Affect parameter is only working for the same path (b-0) but I actually need the Parameter: Path position on b-0 affect the Parameter: angle bend on b-1 Is this possible? Thank you. Here is the max file if you need to take a look at my set up. Arachis_pintoi.max
  3. Hello, I noticed that the plant I am trying to model has the branches rotated in the direction of the root/start of the plant when they are close to the start and as the branches go along to the end of the "spline" they kind of rotate towards the end of the branch. Hope that makes sense. Please see attached image. So I was trying to figure out how to do that and I thought of having the path position of the previous spline(green) affect the angle bend on the next spline (red) but it doesn't seem to work. It works if I set it to affect the length thought. Any idea as to what would be the proper way to get the effect I am looking for? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I came across an issue where some of my leaves are coming out flipped (with their back side pointing up). Please see attached image Any clue as to which setting may be causing this? Thank you.
  5. Hi austingrd, The tree required for the project turned out to be a very simple and generic small plant that grows with just a few leaves and subtle wind animation (see attached image). Nothing special really; so in the end I didn't actually need to set up a controller like Eduard showed me. Eduard, 3ds max constantly crashed after I added just 2 more leaves at the top of the steam and the scene still crashes when ever I enable the first leaves I had set up on the lower part of the plant. Lucky for me I had already rendered the plant before so I was able to do a region render for just the top 2 leaves. Maybe you would like to take a look at it and perhaps find what could be causing max to crash with this particular scene?
  6. Hi Eduard, I have attached the max file. Thank you. tree-01.max
  7. Hi, I Have an issue with the trunk and a noise modifier causing a lot of jumps in the animation on various frames. Please see attached image. I noticed that if a hit the Update button on the bad frame it will update the path to the "correct" undistorted position I would expect it to follow but it doesn't seem to fix the issue permanently. Is there a way to prevent this issue? Thank you.
  8. Oh, ok I get it now, I was missing that the trunk for this setup needs a PathPosDistr. I will need to tweak now the rest of the affects to getting working the way I need it. Thank you.
  9. Hi Eduard, Thank you very much for your reply. I am trying to understand the setup in the examples, and when I try to add a "GrowthController" path to the scene I am working on it just wont let me select the trunk I previously had in the Affects list. The Affect List is only exposing the GrowthController path's parameters. Please take a look at the attached image. Is there anything else I need to take into consideration? Thank you.
  10. Hi, I understand that animation grow works by animating the trunk length and setting up affects to drive the rest of the branches/leaves parameters based on the length of the trunk. How would it be possible to be able to allow the branches and leaves that did not reach their full size/length after the trunk set length has been reached to continue to grow until they have their full size? In the attached image you can see what i mean when my trunk animation reaches its last keyframe some branches at the top have already started to grow but they wont grow anymore because the trunk has finished growing. Thank you.
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