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  1. Hey, First of all thank you for such a great piece of software. The issue I have with GrowFX is that it crashes a lot, I don't know why, but in the last two days I had more than 30 crashes just playing with the software. It is so unstable, possibly the most unstable program I have ever used. From now on I try to record what I'm doing to be able to send you some useful data. As it crashes often I can't even remember what I did that made it crash. Here's the first one : I downloaded Maple1 from the library, opened it up, selected the mesh, went to modify panel and selected the leaves under path. I select the Mesh Builder, click on vertex color icon and under coloring elements clicked on open graph for weight and it crashes everytime. Please check the image. Thank you for any help. P.S. System specs just in case : Windows 7, 3Ds max 2014, 8 GB Memory, Quad core Intel processor @ 2.3 Ghz, Nvidia 660m, Gfx 1.9.8 sp2
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