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  1. Hi all, I was experimenting some new stuff with meta mesh as I ran into this issue. Basically I have a tree with a trunk with two level branches. Here's the settings for meta mesh of the trunk. And here's the meta mesh settings of the level 1 branches. Level 2 has a meta mesh without any stop stitching defined. And here's the result that I get. Based on documentation and examples provided I guess this shouldn't happen. Why is it that the trunk is still stitching above the 10% that I defined. (Areas in red circle) Also, why is it that the level 1 branches have stopped growing after 20% instead of just avoiding stitching? (Blue question marks) I'd appreciate any help. Thank you, Ashkan
  2. Hey Eduard, While we are at this discussion, is there a possibility of having a second UV set. As in most trees and plants we have a different texture as the beginning of the trunk and the rest of the trunk would be a repeating texture. Thanks
  3. Hi there, I guess it depends on the application that you are using it for. There's a couple of scripts in scriptspot that do the same thing. I cannot remember their name right now, but you should be able to find them easily. All you need to do is to have an editable poly on top of your modifier stack and select the leaves ID and then run the script. It'll randomize them by an offset that you specify. Also it'll put them in a modifier, so if you didn't want the randomization you can just delete the modifier. I'll definitely write back here if I found the script's name.
  4. And here are the correct (desired) forms of examples : Example one : Example two : Example three :
  5. Thank you so much Eduard. In fact that's pretty much the same example I was working on. So based on your example if I set the angle across to 0 to make the leaves face outwards instead of up, it'll be like : (flipped normals, flipped texture, flipped profile curve (width graph) ) If I add a texture, while leaving the angle across to 90 that you've set, it'll be like : (flipped textures) And finally if I use the angle across curve, instead of both sides being a mirror (opposite) of each other, they are flipped opposite : It would be like : (flipped normals, flipped texture, flipped profile curve (width graph) ) So, technically there should be a check-box that allows the paths on the opposite side of each other to have a mirror effect not a flipped mirror. I should also mention that the presence of vector orientation, does not change the behavior in any way. By the way, its behavior is the same for both circular and angular distribution modes. If it still doesn't make sense, please let me know, so I'd add more examples and explanation. Thank you, Ashkan
  6. Hi Eduard, I was wondering if we can have a checkbox in distributors tab that reverses paths orientations on the opposite side of the parent path. Something like unifying orientation. This way there won't be any problem when we have counts above one. Right now either the texture &/ normals &/ profile curve flips and makes some of the direction modifiers to behave in reverse when the paths count is above one. For example using vector orientaion causes one side to flip, so we'd have opposite profile curves. Here's what I mean : Current configuration : And here's what I'm suggesting : Our current workflow is to separate paths on the opposite sides, which not only makes it a hassle, but also hard hard to keep track of the nodes. On top of that, to make a small change, we have to go back and change the other pair as well. Not to mention that we'd have double the node amounts to deal with and have in paths tab which causes cluttering. Hopefully the illustrations are clear enough, if not please let me know, so I'll try to explain with more detail and examples. Thank you, Ashkan
  7. Hi, I was wondering if we could have some curves for "Object reaction" and "Path reaction" modifiers, in "reflection distance" , " magnetic distance" and "magnetic max strength" . In that way not only we have more control on what part of a path is being affected, but also if would be easier to control the blending if we have more than one reactors in direction modifiers. Thank you, Ashkan
  8. Hi, I just found out that the "weight graph icon" in the coloring elements of vertex color automatically turns off after we close the vertex color windows. I should mention that the influence of it still seems to be there but the icon shows as if it's off. Thank you, Ashkan
  9. Hi Eduard, Thank you so much. It did help. I just needed to flip them along their path (or just flip the textures). Also in case anyone is interested I uploaded the same plant with both "Circular" and "Angular" distribution type. On top of that I added both "Alternate" leaf arrangement as well as "Opposite" leaf arrangement. Adiantum aleuticum_Angular_Alternate_LeafArrangement.gfx Adiantum aleuticum_Circular_Alternate_LeafArrangement.gfx Adiantum aleuticum_Angular_Opposite_LeafArrangement.gfx Adiantum aleuticum_Circular_Opposite_LeafArrangement.gfx
  10. Hi Eduard, Thank you for your reply. I did that and it didn't fix the issue. I'm guessing the only logical way is to use two different distributors and put each on one side of the path.
  11. Hi all, I was doing an experiment on a model and wanted to achieve the opposite leaf arrangement type. I added a distributor for the leaves and set the count amount to 2. However, the leaves are flipped on one side. I've attached a render. I was wondering if there's a way to fix that without having to use two distributors instead of one, which I might not be aware? I also collapsed it to a mesh to unify the normals, however, as you can see still some of the leaves are acting out. Oh, and I also tried using both circular and angular leaf arrangement, none did work. I've also attached the max files, just in case. Any idea anyone? Thank you, Ashkan Test.rar
  12. Hi Paul, Thank you for the reply. I've read the manual many times but I didn't quite figure out the part that I asked. Thank you again.
  13. Also, I cannot seem to find any chaos for the width. So all the leaves will be the same width. right? (If that's the case, it would be nice to have such an option).
  14. One last question if I may ; Do we have a profile curve for the leaf mesh or we should use the "Angle across" curves to reproduce the desired profile?
  15. I figured it out .It was the "Vector orientation" that is causing the problem, but should it behave that way?
  16. Hi, I just noticed when I add random direction to the direction modifiers it doesn't behave as it should( an unwanted twist is happening on some of the leaves). I've uploaded an image and also the file.I'd appreciate if you could take a look in case I'm doing s.th wrong. I'm using GrowFx 1.9.8 sp3 at the moment. Thank you, Ashkan GrowFX_Test.gfx
  17. Apparently it also crashes when I want to hide the branches. (b2 for example)
  18. Hi, I just found out that hiding the path for an instanced geometry crashes Max. This is what I did : Opened the orange tree (from the library) in 3Ds max 2014 ans Gfx 1.9.8 sp3, then I clicked on the eye icon for the oranges (see the attached picture please) to temporarily hide them and that's it, Max crashed. I guess it might be because the instance itself is not in the scene. If that's the case it should give us a warning, not to crash. Since we might lose all our work without having an opportunity to save. Thank you, Ashkan
  19. And as I saw right now all the plants from the library can be opened in 1.9.8 and later, so there shouldn't be any crash with any of them opening with 1.9.8 SP2 , yet there is.
  20. Hi, Thank you for your answer . However the crashes are still there when creating a new tree. I've read that thread before and I do agree that many of the crashes are coming from graphs. I also attached another image. In this one all the graphs from Random Direction Modifier are very buggy. In this case as I clicked on the end point it just crashed, without me even moving the points. ( This happens randomly only.) Also you are right about models built in previous versions. They cause crashes when opening in 1.9.8 SP2 and trying to do some adjustments. And about the graphs speed bug, that happens randomly. I tried turning off one of my displays and/ or making it the default or changing the positions of the display in relation to each other, but unfortunately no luck yet. It might sound strange why I'm doing this and that's because there's a similar bug in 3Ds Max when you have different monitor configuration. A little movement of mouse will be equal to an extreme movement of mouse pointer in viewport while panning and orbiting. So, maybe that can shed light on why this bug is there. Thank you, Ashkan
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