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  1. Btw, it also crashes on copying, even if I somehow manage to avoid the crash.
  2. Hi Eduard, I ran into the same issue again with another tree, now GrowFX crashes on start. I tried importing it in a new scene, which didn't work. I can disable calculations to make it not crash, however I cannot make copies or do variations in this case. I appreciate any help to solve this issue. I have already sent the file to support email. Thank you in advance, Ashkan
  3. Hi Eduard, Thank you for your reply. I have disabled Autobackup, so there's no back up file. I got the file working for now. Imported it into a new scene and it's working fine for now. If I ran into another crash, I'll send the file. I'm not completely sure that it was GrowFX related. Thank you again, Ashkan
  4. Hi, Thank you for your reply. That's exactly what I did. It's OK for now. I'm just hoping that it doesn't crash anymore.
  5. Hi Eduard, While I was working on a tree, Max crashed. Unfortunately, it could not save the file, what's even worse is that my previously saved file also crashes on start. I was adding an affect graph for a path position distributor's length, when this happened. Is there any way that I can recover my file somehow, even if it's just a portion of the file? I truly appreciate any help, as I'm under a deadline. Thanks, Ashkan
  6. "What kind of caching method do you mean? PointCache modifier or native Cache mode?" The native Cache. But it's OK. I'll be using point cache for now. Thank you, Ashkan
  7. Hi Eduard, Thank you for your clarification. But, if I want to use it without caching the wind, does it have any impacts on RAM usage or render time? Also, is there a file size limit on caching wind? I'm caching one, which writes a 5 GB file, however it gives an error loading it in! Thank you, Ashkan
  8. Hi Eduard, Thank you for your reply. How can we purchase this edition? Thank you, Ashkan
  9. Hi all, I was wondering why someone might need to cache the wind animation? We can use it natively with many of other plugins, and the wind calculated at render time, am I right about that? Does it speed up rendering? thanks, Ashkan
  10. Hi Eduard, So then are they going to be able to render the trees as well? Thanks, Ashkan
  11. Hi, Yeah, I kinda knew that, but thanks for the reminder. It's actually more like 3 parameters; the "angel axis" should also be inverted. I just thought it'll save some time, since now the mesh and distributor parameters are not shared, and also may cause some cluttering if we have lots of those nodes, each with a left and right; hard to track the nodes. In any event, it's OK for now, but I guess if it'll all become node based, it will help a lot if we can have an invert node that takes values(numbers), just like Maya, so they can be plugged in, somewhere in the middle of the graph to other nodes. It's all suggestions, nothing really serious. Thanks again, Ashkan
  12. Hi Eduard, Thank you, I'm fine for now. The workaround is to add the first item twice, first of the list and last, and it'll work fine, But it'd be nice if that can be fixed, anytime; no rush here. Thanks for the great update Ashkan
  13. Hi Eduard, Thank you for such a great release. Could you please upload an example file for "Scale Proportionally". I can't get it to work (don't know how it works!). Also I realized that, in the "instanced geometry mesh" , "count rate" does not work as expected. The first item in the list, gets picked far less than the others. In other words, it does not work the same for all the items in the list, even if the same value is assigned to count rate for each item. (Here is an example : http://we.tl/wWyyc7tJ8Y). Thank you, Ashkan
  14. Also, is it right that the stop stitching doesn't work for the trunk at all, yet? Regardless of using either"by radius" or "after pos. %" ?
  15. Thank you, I got the file. I just had a question : Does that mean I should use "Stop Stitching" > "By radius" ? Because I can see that It also works as expected even when using "After Pos. % " I can't see any problem there. I should also mention that "Stop stitching for children" is absolutely amazing and a huge time saver.
  16. OK, it's still great. Thank you for all the effort you put in to support your great software. I'd appreciate a link anytime you could. Thank you
  17. Hi Eduard, Thank you so much. It would be great if I could use the patched version. Btw, does it also include the fix for instanced geometry issue? Since in the previous version the instanced geometry's "pick randomly" didn't work as expected. Thank you, Ashkan
  18. Thank you Eduard, I got it and it's working perfectly.
  19. Thank you very much Eduard. Sure, I'd appreciate an update. I'm using Max 2014 . Btw, does this also fix http://exlevel.com/f...rk-as-expected/ ? I mean were they the same issue?
  20. Hi Eduard, If it's one of those time consuming bugs, I guess it's O.K. if it's left there. Because it happens very rarely and in fact it's the very first time that happened to me and apparently no one else has reported it yet. It shouldn't be of any concern unless it happens again. It's nice if I could just get my preset back regardless of the bug, since I have a feeling that I can prevent it from happening again. Just in case you needed some information; I'm assuming it's related to the displacement section of the meta mesh specially the scale graph. Thank you so much for your support, Ashkan
  21. Hi, I was working on a project and made some trees with meta mesh as their "mesh builder" and they all work O.K. and I saved them both in Max and Gfx files. Now that I open one of them it crashes on building meta mesh phase. It does not matter if I open the Max file or load the preset file, it'll eventually crash. I should also mention that they all had displacement applied to them. Is there a way to get my preset back as I put lots of time in creating it or is there a way to disable meta mesh on load so I can avoid the crash and then I'll try to figure what went wrong and hopefully fix it. Btw, I've also sent the files to support via e-mail. I'd appreciate any help. Ashkan
  22. By the way, removing displacement did the trick for L1 branches, however it doesn't do it for the trunk. If I go by after position, it doesn't respect the value at all. If I use by radius it splits the surface to two. So just wanted to mention that the issue goes beyond the displacement I guess. Here's the simplified file just in case : Test03.max Thank you again, Ashkan
  23. Thank you so much Eduard for your prompt reply. It's O.K. , we'll wait for a fix whenever ready, but for now I'll stick to cylindrical mesh instead, since I need that displacement Thank you again for providing such a great support.
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