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  1. Hey Eduard, that's brilliant!.. thanks so much, though one slight snag... the trial version I had has expired!.. I'd better think about purchasing
  2. Hey Eduard, Thank you!.. I wasn't really expecting that to be honest, just thought you guys might of seen one around. Cheers!
  3. Hi all, I've looked high an low for a Dawn Redwood but no success, can anyone tell me if they have created one or seen one in some library?, it's a very particular shape but there are similar trees out there like the Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum) - for the Bald Cypress I found this http://xfrog.com/product/AL18.html but it's a bit too weepy Cheers Martin
  4. Thanks so much Jamie and Paul!.. Jamie, sorry to disappoint you but I'm not an Aussie, I'm a Pom.. I hope you'll still talk to me the project we have is based in Australia. It all sounds really promising, though not sure I will be given the time needed to learn it, architects seem to think you just press a magic button and out pops a tree!!.. I think I'll have to get to grips with it at home, my first impressions was that it seemed complex but looking a bit further into it things are making much sense. I gave multiscatter a go at trying to achieve the same result as the surface distributor but I wasn't happy with the outcome, perhaps I'll try again.. or perhaps the Surface distributor is better at creating topiary Paul, I think I might well be looking for help modelling my first tree, like I say I have a number of trees to find/create so I appreciate all the help here. Just wondering, if I wanted to see some of the best work done in Grow Fx where would I go?.. I mean in terms of animated trees/plants and some of the more advanced features.
  5. Paul, just had a few queries I was hoping you could answer. How does the surface distributor differ from a scatter plugin like multi-scatter or Forest-Pack- Pro? I am only using the demo version at the moment, can you tell me if there is much of a learning curve to growFX?.. I don't mean to be an expert but to produce some reasonably good trees based on photos of trees as reference Is there a large library to search for trees/plants within the software and also created by others? At the moment I'm searching for a number of Australian tree species and it's proving difficult to find them in other libraries like Evermotion/xfrog. Thanks
  6. Hey Paul, thanks so much for doing that!.. it works perfectly! Cheers Gooner
  7. Hi all, I would like to achieve something similar to this tutorial: - is there somewhere I can get this example or one very similar, it will be easier if I can see properly how it's created as the tutorial doesn't show the initial steps for creating the leaves, I would like to use my own mesh for the leaves. Thanks
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