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  1. Hi eduard. I have a crash problem with jacaranda tree from 3Dmk. Can you help me? When i open the file this crush. Im work on 1.9.9 sp6 on 3d max 2017 3DMK_Treeline_Jacaranda mimosifolia-jacaranda_GFX 1.max
  2. Its very difficult enlarge the model... I need this with a 3-meter radius. It has been very complex. Would you give me a hand?
  3. Thanks Eduard... The calculation is quite dense. I have tried to give more size and extend the roots but it takes hours to calculate. Is it possible to add in the future some parameters to narrow the radius of the meshes?
  4. Hey!!! thanks for the tips. The idea its create variations.... Maybe a metamesh displace but o dont know how. Cheers.
  5. Hi guys... any suggest for this roots? See attached file. Cheers
  6. Hi Eduard... Same problem here... MaxTree and VizPark trees crush!!! Any suggest? Cheers
  7. Wooow Thank Eduard. Ant chance to optimize the hand drowing?
  8. Hi Eduard... I've seen a lot of new cross-platform plug for the creation of vegetation. On the other side is very advanced SpeedTree. You have plans for a new vercion? Cheers
  9. Hi Eduard... Any chance to show us the new groxFx 4?
  10. Hi Eduard. I Have a issue with DR and grow... The nodes cant restart. It happens only when there growfx objects. Cheers
  11. Hi All I want share my last project using GrowFx for some trees.
  12. Hi Eduard. I recently had the deactivation of two licenses. Technical problems with the two computers that use one of the licenses. Change a couple of reports on both computers so that left me activation. Do not know exactly why. Also did an update and 3d max vray. Your Might help me? regards
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