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  1. yes, this is when it seems to happen. i will try to keep my panels as tall as i can in the mean time. thanks...
  2. sometimes i notice my path names get shifted and mixed up... my 'trunk' now is 'branch 1' and 'branch 1' is now 'trunk' anyone else notice when this happens? and if so, any idea to avoid it?
  3. maybe we could combine both the stitch % and this method? ie. ignore self after some %
  4. hello i have a tree which the small branches are done with simple cylinder mesh but the trunk and large branches are using meta mesh for a nice blended result. i am using the 'after mesh modifiers' but it seems the meta mesh part doesn't move anymore? the cylinder meshes do though... ideas? thanks steven
  5. thanks, the changes to the API are working as expected!
  6. i am wondering if it is possible to not include itself in the meta mesh? example... trunk path branch path 1 branch path 2 (sources branch path 1) branch path 2 cannot blend with any other branch path 2 no matter where they are emitted from.
  7. getNumPaths and getPaths are fine... for i = 0 to getNumPaths() do ( path = getPath(i); print(path); )
  8. i guess we would need an indexing function? like, getNumPaths? or getPathCount? etc etc or it could be getPaths and it returns an array of path objects?
  9. thanks eduard is this the proper way to get lists of properties/modifiers? for item in selection do( if classOf(item) == GrowFX do( gfx = item; props = getPropNames(gfx); for prop in props do( p = getProperty gfx prop; if classOf(p) == GrowFX_sPath do( pathProps = getPropNames(p); for pathProp in pathProps do( m = getProperty p pathProp; if classOf(m) == GrowFX_sMESH_Meta do( m.Enabled = false; ) ) ) -- force update gfx.Update(); ) ) )
  10. i have another question about inspecting the paths and mesh builders on the paths by modifier type. right now i know the names of each path and modifier but i need to get them by type. ie. for all paths get their mesh builder modifiers and if the modifier is not leaves mesh, disable it. here is my current code, it has hard coded property names... for item in selection do( if classOf(item) == GrowFX do( gfx = item; gfx.trunk.Meta_mesh_01.Enabled = false; gfx.branches_1.Meta_mesh_01.Enabled = false; gfx.branches_2.Meta_mesh_01.Enabled = false; gfx.branches_3.Cylinder_mesh_01.Ena
  11. hello i am not very experienced 3dsmax programmer. i was wondering if growfx comes with its own 'get' or 'getall' method for accessing existing growfx objects? in the docs i see how to construct a new one and programmatically build a tree up, what i need to do is run a script on an existing one, which will enable and disable certain mesh modifiers and then export the meshes to obj for use in another application. thanks steven
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