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  1. Hi i forgot to deactivate my GrowFX license before i format and reinstall a new OS and now i can´t install it Can i do it another way? Thanks.
  2. Hi. Works fine in a new Olive Tree I´m doing right now so I guess it´s something wrong in my scene O_o. Thanks!
  3. Hi. I´m experimenting crash using SP2, every time i activate the very usefull option "By Width Graph Points" inside Override Steps (GrowFX just freeze on "Modify directions". And every time y try to reduce the count on custom leave geometry from 100% max just crash. I hope someone can help me. I start a new scene and the same.
  4. Hi Eduard i´m using animated trees on a new porject and this will be a nice to have the update. ¿Can i get it somewere? Thanks and keep up the good work
  5. Hi. Will be amaizing, since i´m using GrowFX to create animated VrayProxys i can create it using 30fps then use in a 25fps scene and works fine for me.
  6. GrowFX and node editor will be awesome, can´t wait for it
  7. Thanks a lot Eduard the information was very usefull. Cheers
  8. Ok i just figured it out. I can´t use PAL. Very nice feature, thanks for it
  9. Hi. I need to create some animated proxys from GrowFX. I´m trying to use the new feature "loop animation" but i don´t know how to do it, the "period" parameter. it´s the duration of the loop? I cant´figure it out. I will apreciate any help. Regards Adán Martín
  10. wow. It will be amazing if you implement this. Using this you can generate massive detailed trees using proxys.
  11. Hi. I get GrowFX recently, i want to share whit you some of my experiments. I must say, i can´t live without it now. xD
  12. It´s there a way to get just the instances?. I mean, build a tree, and transform the branches into mesh but keep leaves as separated instances?. I´m having problems whit very heavy trees and will be amazing if i can instance some parts. If this is not possible right now, i think this implementation can take GrowFX to the next level.
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