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  1. Hi i forgot to deactivate my GrowFX license before i format and reinstall a new OS and now i can´t install it Can i do it another way? Thanks.
  2. adanmq

    Some crash on MAX 2014 and 2016

    Hi. Works fine in a new Olive Tree I´m doing right now so I guess it´s something wrong in my scene O_o. Thanks!
  3. Hi. I´m experimenting crash using SP2, every time i activate the very usefull option "By Width Graph Points" inside Override Steps (GrowFX just freeze on "Modify directions". And every time y try to reduce the count on custom leave geometry from 100% max just crash. I hope someone can help me. I start a new scene and the same.
  4. adanmq

    New loop animation parameter.

    Hi Eduard i´m using animated trees on a new porject and this will be a nice to have the update. ¿Can i get it somewere? Thanks and keep up the good work
  5. adanmq

    New loop animation parameter.

    Hi. Will be amaizing, since i´m using GrowFX to create animated VrayProxys i can create it using 30fps then use in a 25fps scene and works fine for me.
  6. adanmq

    The Future of GrowFX

    GrowFX and node editor will be awesome, can´t wait for it
  7. adanmq

    New loop animation parameter.

    Thanks a lot Eduard the information was very usefull. Cheers
  8. adanmq

    New loop animation parameter.

    Ok i just figured it out. I can´t use PAL. Very nice feature, thanks for it
  9. Hi. I need to create some animated proxys from GrowFX. I´m trying to use the new feature "loop animation" but i don´t know how to do it, the "period" parameter. it´s the duration of the loop? I cant´figure it out. I will apreciate any help. Regards Adán Martín
  10. wow. It will be amazing if you implement this. Using this you can generate massive detailed trees using proxys.
  11. adanmq

    Some GrowFX Experiments

    Hi. I get GrowFX recently, i want to share whit you some of my experiments. I must say, i can´t live without it now. xD
  12. It´s there a way to get just the instances?. I mean, build a tree, and transform the branches into mesh but keep leaves as separated instances?. I´m having problems whit very heavy trees and will be amazing if i can instance some parts. If this is not possible right now, i think this implementation can take GrowFX to the next level.