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  1. So I tried to "understand" how that parameter works. And I give up. I mean I know what is it for, and I managed to make something "close" to what I need - deform a branch, so it will not be round, but a squeezed oval shape with some lines extruded inside. But that was an hour of trial and error with that graph. Really, Eduard, that curve is completely messed up, it's completely not user-friendly and very very hard to work with. Also, in the end I got displaced branch, which I have to manually adjust to "sit" properly on the main trunk. Can you please make a tutorial on how to work with that evil thing, or maybe I am missing something? I tried to do something like this branch. And I've managed, but that took me just too much time... Thanks.
  2. Because Slate Editor is made like a piece of shit. Totally not intuitive and not friendly. I am working in Unreal and I just totally love their node-based UI - blueprints and materials. I am working with iToo Soft Railclone - and I totally love it. I work in Nuke - and it's just awesome feel to work with their editor. I try to work in Slate Editor - and I want to kill someone. It is the matter of implementation.
  3. Interesting. Just curious, is there a way to create such shape and avoid this issue?
  4. Hello I have a weird result using metamesh and gradient as displacement: As you can see it is "bumpy" for some reason. I tried to change tiling, but that does not affect this issue.
  5. Hello I would like to ask what is the fastest way to create sphere-shaped distribution? Imagine flower petals randomly growing on half-spherical base. Right now I am creating an invisible path and distributing 2-3 layers of petals on different height with different offset, but I believe there is a faster way? Also, just a suggestion - it would be really cool to have a surface distributor, but based on the geometry within GrowFX. For example, you have a trunk and a spherical mesh on top - would be cool to have a surface distributor with the ability to choose a path and using its faces to distribute on. I hope I explained it correctly! Thanks
  6. Hello everyone! Maybe this question was asked already, but anyway - is there a simple solution for the boolean type of thing in GrowFX? WhatI mean is the true/false condition, for example, I have this type of branches: I want to have a different type of flowers on different ends of branches. But the biggest issue for me is that I want to test - if that flower already exists on that branch - I do not want to create another flower on top of it. Of course, you can create different groups of branches using different paths with randomizing count of paths in each group, but I believe there is a simpler solution, using one path for branches and several paths for different flowers? The flowers difference will be not only colour (I could use vertex paint for that), but the percentage of how much flower is closed or open and how big it is. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello I have a question about how to force branches to grow only on "outside" part of the plant? On the left is the correct branch, on the right - incorrect one. Is there a way to force branches to appear only on the opposite to the "inside" part of the plant? It is a shrub, so to remove them manually will be a complicated task. Thanks!
  8. Hello Eduard, Is there a way to make automatic deactivation of GrowFX without using deactivate.exe ? Situation is like this - i had one office PC and my old notebook - both with license activated and i forgot to deactivate that (blame on me !!!). Now i have new laptop and after almost a year i want to use GrowFX but i cannot activate because 2 of licenses are already used. Is there a way to deactivate them all via website ? Thanks.
  9. Ничего , благодаря вашему подробному описанию я уже всё поправил , спасибо !
  10. Эдуард, Спасибо большое за столь детальное разъяснение. Скачал исправленную сцену , попробовал открыть , вышло сообщение что использована версия более новая, чем 1.9.8 SP2. Вы что-то от нас утаиваете ? :D
  11. Привет Попробовал сделать анимацию ветра на модели бамбука. Насколько я понимаю надо добавлять Wind Modifier в After Mesh Modifiers , чтобы геометрия не менялась. Проблема в том, что модификатор ветра ведет себя в той категории очень странно , а в Direction Modifiers ведет себя нормально. Также 3дмакс вылетает очень часто при добавлении в After Mesh. Сцена в аттачменте, заранее спасибо ! bamboo_03.max
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