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  1. oligophant

    leaves size by trunk

    Thanks Eduard, very helpfull
  2. oligophant

    leaves size by trunk

    How could i change the size of my leaves by the lenght of the trunk? Each leaf is located with a PathPosDistr at 100%. File attached LEAF_SIZE.gfx
  3. oligophant

    Leaves facing up along branch

    Yes!, it works . Thanks Eduard
  4. oligophant

    Leaves facing up along branch

    Thanks ptrain03, but that doesnt solve the problem
  5. I have problems setting leaves along a branch, i want all of them facing up no matter the position of the corresponding branch. How could i fix it? test-01.gfx
  6. oligophant

    Inclined branch

    Thanks Eduard, that worked great. I'll keep update this thread when i have more progress
  7. oligophant

    Inclined branch

    Thanks Eduard, Could you please post it as max2011 version?
  8. oligophant

    Inclined branch

    Thanks for your reply, i'm going to check as you suggest. I attached the scene as requested PS_envio.max
  9. oligophant

    Inclined branch

    Also, when i´m animating the tree, the viewport doesnt showme any movement like on the tutorial video. Im using milimeters on my unit setup so i have to type 10000000.0mm on stiffness to make the trunk stand and not lay near the floor.
  10. oligophant

    Inclined branch

    Hi, i want to make this transition effec on my tree's branch (see image), How could i achieve?. Also i want to use distributed rendering with vray, i'm using GrowFX render-node for 3ds Max 2011 (/64 bits) but my render nodes dont pick up, (Vray 3.15.01), without installing it works fine. Thanks arbolito.gfx
  11. I want to purchase your product, which is the coupon code? thanks in advance