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  1. How could i change the size of my leaves by the lenght of the trunk? Each leaf is located with a PathPosDistr at 100%. File attached LEAF_SIZE.gfx
  2. Thanks ptrain03, but that doesnt solve the problem
  3. I have problems setting leaves along a branch, i want all of them facing up no matter the position of the corresponding branch. How could i fix it? test-01.gfx
  4. Thanks Eduard, that worked great. I'll keep update this thread when i have more progress
  5. Thanks Eduard, Could you please post it as max2011 version?
  6. Thanks for your reply, i'm going to check as you suggest. I attached the scene as requested PS_envio.max
  7. Also, when i´m animating the tree, the viewport doesnt showme any movement like on the tutorial video. Im using milimeters on my unit setup so i have to type 10000000.0mm on stiffness to make the trunk stand and not lay near the floor.
  8. Hi, i want to make this transition effec on my tree's branch (see image), How could i achieve?. Also i want to use distributed rendering with vray, i'm using GrowFX render-node for 3ds Max 2011 (/64 bits) but my render nodes dont pick up, (Vray 3.15.01), without installing it works fine. Thanks arbolito.gfx
  9. I want to purchase your product, which is the coupon code? thanks in advance
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