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  1. Realistic indeed. Well done here. I just hope I could be one close to this someday.
  2. austingrd

    Contry house

    Really nice! Good job here Sanex!
  3. Hi, is there an upcoming coupon or promotion such as this? I'd like to know in advance.
  4. Quick one please, I was under the impression that it will just accept the key again when typed in?
  5. Very nice. A piece of work. Those trees look almost real!
  6. Hi Misters, it would also be nice if you can post your finished product at the gallery so other users could comment as well.
  7. Trying this out as well and will see how it will work for me then.
  8. Just a quick one please. Where is that promo code given out? Here at the forums or through an email?
  9. Very nice. I think you've done a pretty good job on the sun reflection as well.
  10. May I please ask on what was done differently here?
  11. How's the progress hmercado. i know a lot of users would be happy to review it for you if you have this already completed.
  12. Hi Gooner, once you find one, can you please post a link here?
  13. As always. You guys provide top notch service. Thanks!
  14. Just a quick one please. Aren't users able to reuse the same code? I mean, for new computers, should it be a standard process to request a new code?
  15. Thanks for confirming that. Having that confirmed is all that takes I guess. I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of time until a fix will be found.
  16. Nice work here. Grats with the effort. I think it was a compliment asking your image to be added at the main gallery.
  17. The AlignChildren modifier works perfectly on my end. I didn't even realized that it was just that simple. Thank you Eduard!
  18. Hi Davius, just curios if you were able to find anything onto the previous versions so far.
  19. Awesome work! Nice job on the lighting too.
  20. Very nice preview! Looks like you've done a great job here.
  21. Hi panjintsai, did editable mesh did the trick for you here?
  22. I think the lighting is perfectly done here! Great job!
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