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  1. you can start with a lower branch as a "root" and then split the main branch into mutiple and so on.
  2. thanks, i deleted the growfx.dlo and its working, maybe this is a feature, if you were to install both the node and the actual software, there should be some kind of override....
  3. thanks for the quick reply. I tried installing the latest growfx rendernode 1.9.8 sp3 . however during backburner rendering, its asking for activation. Do i need to activate the render node software?
  4. Hi guys I am trying to render scene with growfx on the render farm on backburner. I have the latest version of backburner installed. the scene renders fine on the machine with the activated license both locally and on the farm. however after I installed the growfx render node version on the render nodes (there are six nodes) I cannot render the scene and have been getting the error "the pipe has ended" error. Is there a fix for this?
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