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  1. Hi, do you plan to release a GFX 1.9.9 for Max 2022 ? Thanks.
  2. cool ! I'm sorry, I didn't see the answer to my so old post !!! :-)
  3. Hi, I have installed max 2019.1 and I have a lot of crash with growfx. Anybody have same problem or it is my file ? Thanks EDIT : exported to 3dsmax 2018, works smooth without problem...
  4. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible ( or feasible in near future ) to paint ( with vertex paint for exemple ) where we want the ivy growing on a reaction surface.Or draw splines to give the growing direction ? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I just installed GrowFX 1.9.9 SP6, and every time I run 3dsmax it ask me to activate. Which type of activation do I need to use ? ( I use auto ) Thanks A very basic question : how can I do to reply to a post in this forum ???
  6. Hi, Is there a way or is it planed to instance targets. I try to explain myself : I use a sphere to distribute paths, and the same sphere to react with. (just an example) It would be great to just change this sphere by another object without to change in every place where this object is used. Or make something like in rail clone : extract some value or target to a place for easy changes. Thanks.
  7. hello doncht, sorry for sloooowwww answer... Here is the clue from Eduard : Don't use "generate point on Faces" in the magnetic group for the path B1 -> Object react_01 Just this actkion forces the system to use the random generator before build all paths. Try to use the "Use vertices" option. Hope this help
  8. hello I'm doing Ivy and it looks nice. But I have a problem : I use erase function for some paths (the bases of the ivy, trunc ?) and when I activate the "eye" of the secondary paths, the "parent" path (trunc) is modified... Can somebody help ? Thanks.
  9. Hello Is there a specific unit to work in max with Growfx ? I uselly work in meter for archiviz (and all jobs in fact) I was trying to use for several days Object reaction, and it drived me crazy. I tryied with centimeters as system unit , and rescale the model, and it works like it should. I don't like changing system unit because of strange thinks can happen. Could it be possible to work with meter as system unit ? Or I made something wrong ? (sorry for my English) OOOOOpps, if I change Unit Calc to 0.01m is far better.... but all parameters seems to work more friendly in centimeter system unit. In manual : "Unit Calc Specifies the scale calculation of some algorithms." But no more...
  10. As you are on line, could you tell me if there is a way to avoid branches to interpenetrate ? Can you give us a taste of Growfx 2.0 ?
  11. Thanks for answer ! :-)
  12. Hello On scriptspot, Malkalypse posted a script "Splinsbrancher" (I don't know how to copy/paste the link, and I can't copy/paste anything) Its quadrifycation looks cool and fast. Could it be possible to have such meshing in Growfx ? Thanks
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