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  1. A good question. I too lost one activation because of a hard drive crash.
  2. Thanks for the update, very much appreciated!
  3. Thanks, sure thing! It would be interesting to hear the cause given that I might come across the same issue in future.
  4. Thanks for the offer! But it's probably not worth it, when I created a new object with the same mapping and material it worked just as designed. The original model was carried over from a different scene so most likely something weird had happened to it. Who knows, Max sometimes has its own peculiar ways... Thanks for a quick reply!
  5. I'm trying to use instanced geometry as leaves by using a path distributor, but for some reason the leaves get distributed above the trunk (branches) that I'm using as a starting path. I've tried fiddling with the parameters, but nothing really seems to affect. What could be the cause, maybe it's something simple I'm missing? The pivot of the instanced geometry should be located correctly. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, really great to see that in addition to the other goodies the line eraser made it. Not that I doubted it, though
  7. Thanks Eduard, I too think this will be very useful feature for those of us working in game development.
  8. Stunning work as always, Jamie! Good luck with your store, your work definitely deserves everyone's attention.
  9. Thanks Eduard, that would be great! I think it would add quite a lot of realism to close-up renderings without painstaking manual work.
  10. This might be a stupid question, but is there a way to prevent the meshes such as leaves from intersecting (i.e. clipping) each other other than by manually trimming the offenders?
  11. Nice to see the new pine in the library, as well - hopefully we'll going to see more in the future. Just a while ago I was thinking that having a slight more extensive library of quality plants would most likely help increase the popularity of GrowFX among the arch-viz users.
  12. Thanks for the update, Eduard! Nice improvements once again.
  13. Hi Sebastian, love your work on the blog. It would probably help Eduard if you could mention your Max version + system specifications.
  14. Okay, thanks for the report Your findings don't really come as a surprise since the high-poly model is just a starting point for a great looking low-poly model, there's probably no way you can get around that even with GrowFX. Also, the CryEngine asset pipeline is not really as straightforward as it could be so there's quite a lot of manual work involved in getting your stuff into the engine. But it's good to hear that GrowFX can still make life easier. I will try myself as well as soon as I have some time to spare, been simply too busy lately with more pressing stuff. Looking forward to the snapshots, always loving your work.
  15. Thanks, sounds great and I'm really looking forward to it. I was asking because I've never used GrowFX for low-poly modeling, and it seems like (and as is evident from your work) it could not only speed up the process but also yield better results. I can only echo what you said about texturing being time consuming when doing low-poly stuff, I've found out the same. There a some serious limitations on the geometry, yet the models will be most of the time viewed pretty close and from many angles. Which engine are you considering testing in, CryEngine?
  16. Looks really great indeed. Do you think it would be too much to ask for a little write-up on your workflow with GrowFX? I think there are quite a few users interested in stuff like this.
  17. Same here! Been considering getting GrowFX for quite some time now, and with the latest great offer, it would have been crazy not to. GrowFX sure is an amazing piece of software engineering, and I'm really looking forward to getting used to working with it. Cheers!
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