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  1. Precise ivy generation

    Ok then. Its a little bit pitty but I can live with that Thanks a lot for help.
  2. Hello, my goal i to grow ivy on some surface. The ivy is made of one main branch and then the secondary with leaves on it. And I want to drive the main branch with hand created spline via Spline direction modifier and then apply Object reaction modifier, but here I'm stuck. It doesnt work as I expect. The Object reaction has no effect (or bad) on spline with Spline direction. The main brach dont have to match the hand made splie exactly, but only drive the flow of the ivy. I have attached a sample scene to better understanding of my problem. Thanks for any help. Martin ivy.max
  3. udim mapping

    thanks, but can unwrela handle milions of poly? i tried max17 unwrap but it freezes:) and of course it will be better do this withou plugins
  4. udim mapping

    hello, it is possible to get udim mapping from gfx? or some workaroud? we need it because the pipeline cant handle tilable textures if not maybe its good to add it to wishlist thanks!
  5. GrowFX 1.9.9 SP1 Released

    Aaah We use Max 2016. Thanks
  6. GrowFX 1.9.9 SP1 Released

    Hello, I have notice one thing, and that the looping have problems with FPS different from 30. I cant get to work looping tree with fps 24. Maybe its because I use aftermesh wind modifier?
  7. GrowFX 1.9.9 SP1 Released

    Thats interesting, thanks ☺
  8. GrowFX 1.9.9 SP1 Released

    REALLY NICE! Thanks, especially for the wind loop I have one question, can you tell me the formula how the loop period is calculated?
  9. loop wind animation

    Thanks! I'm wainting for this to complete one project
  10. loop wind animation

    Hi Eduard, when you will release this update?
  11. loop wind animation

    wow thats realy nice. looking forward to this feature
  12. loop wind animation

    aah i think you missunderstand me. i know ho loop animation in max but in growfx is different. i need the wind simulation to be seamless so the last frame is exactly same as first and this is the problem besause in default this not happend
  13. loop wind animation

    yes but how? i dont have any idea
  14. hello, it is possible to loop wind animation? i found a thread about this problem but is 3 yers old so maybe there is an option now thanks a lot
  15. aaah, great! thanks a lot