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  1. It has been nearly a year since using GrowFX to create plant models. During this period, many plants have been made and many questions have been asked. However, there is an important question that bothers me so far, so I will post a discussion here
  2. Yes, someone in the forum published such a script and provided free download, but I can't find where he is
  3. Finally, the browser is still not implemented, and may be abandoned. If there is a plant library, and there are nodes that share GFX, it will help to actively communicate. It may be a huge plant library! It's just that everything is hypothetical
  4. Today, I found out that I have such a small problem all the time. I use the Chinese version of 3d max, and the English UI is also not displayed
  5. Thanks, Edward, this is one way! But I prefer that the switch node can be executed between distributor. According to your method, I will not be able to control the parameters of the distributor independently, because they are communal!
  6. Hello, Edward!!! I'm just giving an example,The teapot may be a flower or a fruit! I created two path position distributor on the same parent path,The first one on the left, I set the count rate to 50%,My idea is to fill the teapot with another 50% blank branches, so that I can edit all their parameters separately,However, when I set the count rate of the second distributor on the right to 50%,The filled teapot is a random position,It is not to fill the other 50% blank branches,You can see that I changed the position of the teapot of the second distributor, some of which are overlapped with the teapot of the first distributor,I have tried many methods, but they can't solve this problem! What's the best way?
  7. This effect can be achieved. I have a similar effect! You can refer to the documents I provided luoxuan.max
  8. You said it in great detail, which shows that you have a lot of knowledge in this area! All work must depend on GrowFX, but I think GrowFX still has a lot of functions to improve!
  9. Your work is excellent. Would you use other plant software? For example: speedtree?
  10. It looks great. It would be better to add more details!
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