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  1. Thank you for your review! Make progress together!
  2. The creation of the model is very important, but the material is still the most important performance component. Thank you all in advance here
  3. Hello, Edward, the latest version of 3d max 2024 was released a few days ago. I hope to add support for its version as soon as possible! Thank you very much!
  4. Thank you for your efforts! I hope it can be released before May, as my maintenance will expire in May!
  5. Excellent! Is the frost shader still under development? Will it be released in the future?
  6. It seems that I asked too many questions. I just published my ideas, that's all
  7. Is there any curve node to adjust the density of snow? For example, the density of snow gradually decreases from top to bottom
  8. Can the distribution of snow be adjusted through curve nodes? For example, I want snow to appear only at the top of the tree, not at the bottom of the tree?
  9. In addition, the shape of snow on the branches seems to be very simple. In reality, the shape of snow is actually random
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