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  1. I actually had the same issue, when I hit the cancel button GrowFX crashed. Thought it was just my computer at the beginning.
  2. Love all the new features. Specially the distance one. Thanks,
  3. Oh, that clears things up. The name sounds good also, can't wait for version 1.9.5
  4. Good news Eduard, thanks. This will sure help make the trees look better. Perhaps a name close to "disable parent path", or "affect parent" would explains this modifier well.
  5. Thanks a lot for the help Eduard, this is what I really needed! Cheers
  6. Hello, I am new to GrowFX and I must say this tool amaze me. It is indeed a complete tool for foliage creation! Anyways, I looked up the website and the forum for an explination on how to use vertex color for leaf variation, but couldn't find what I needed. There are really beautiful renders by 3DMK for a tree with and without the use of vertex color, I tried to acheive a similar result but seems like I am missing something regarding VC and couldn't get to set it up right to create variation. Any advice or suggestion would be really appreciated! Thanks, Moh'd
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