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  1. Hello everyone, I'm self-GrowFX and would like to ask how to make use of GrowFX petals? Can make use of it to produce flowering dynamic effect you?
  2. I live in Shenzhen, China, was very excited to see such a great product. Because of the language, and many factors, the Chinese company with GrowFX the CG is still relatively small. This forum is really great, I think after I have any questions I can find the answer here. Thank you very much ~
  3. The last question: If I were to buy a certain version, later also can upgrade the new version?
  4. Is vray crazy! crazy script and crazy 3d artist!!!!!!!
  5. Point Cache animation files generated after the tree can be converted into editable?
  6. hello everyone~ I would like to ask a very ignorant question! how to add point cache(wsm) modifiers?Good dynamic tree generation point cache can put the tree into editable mesh do? Thanks a lot....
  7. GrowFX is very very very crazy...... I like it very very very much....

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