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  1. Please see the help in the Preference parameters:



    Also see the Density parameter in the Path distributor:



    That is, avoid using the graph for the Density, because for large values of Subdivs, calculation will be slow. It's desirable to use the graph only for the main branches...



    Finally solved, thank you for your immediate answer.Such as leisure time, help manual also need to see a few times. :D


    Please take a look at my adjusted tree: attachicon.gif01_2.max
    Also note that all Wind modifiers I applied into Direction Modifiers, because if we use them in After Mesh Modifiers, then during the plant growth will be shake of branches.


    I according to you to tell me the method and made a new tree, Wind Modifiers used in Direction Modifiers, but the effect of shake has appeared.Perhaps the reason of the growth animation of shake is not Win Modifiers applied into Direction Modifiers?GrowFX I self-study is to look at the help manual, there are lots of places is not very understanding, :wacko: I'm so sorry and thank you very much for your help.



    Yes, please turn on the Convert to Mesh in the Preference parameters rollout, then you can convert to Vray Proxy...
    Regarding your growth animation, now I'm trying to adjust your tree to make it look more realistic...

    I am as you say, but halfway through the Max VrayProxy process will go wrong!Another problem is if I don't convert Growfx file into VrayProxy can undertake network share?Need to install any other plugin?RenderNote is how to use?



    In your case, you must set the SubDivs equal to about 50000 (in the Preference parameters rollout), because you're using a graph for Density, in some Path distributors...
    Also for the trunk2->Deviation_dir_02 need to set Distribution paths equal to "B1->PathDistr_02" instead of "B1->PathDistr_01".
    Then to increase the calculation speed, you can disable the Density graph for the paths B2, B3, B4 and B5.
    See these changes in the corrected scene: attachicon.gif01_1.max


    GrowFX file can be converted into VrayProxy?Why when I convert VrayProxy Max system will collapse, if I want to in the company on the public server with Autodesk Backburner for network rendering should be how to operate? :o




    The Point Cache modifier will not works with growth animation, because such animation changes topology of the object (ie changes number of vertices and faces). It will works only with the wind animation!
    Try using the VRay proxy, it works fine with animation growth...
    You can write us directly by email at support@exlevel.com

    Why after I have the growth of animation into Vray proxy and model is wrong? :DI am here: http://exlevel.com/PlantsLibrary/ download models,Why can't add point cache modifier?


  6. Administrator here, I'm ready to a growth of animation, and then I add Point Cache modifier and recorded, but why a canhe info:The current file contains no deformations,perhaps because it was recorded with no modifiers active.Do you have Skype account? I buy GrowFX just activated, there are a lot of questions to able to be solved in real time.



    Hi Moh'd,


    Here I present one ways how you can use the vertex color to generate leaves with color variation.


    For example, we'll use our Oak 2:


    For branches B_2 we turn on the VC, and adjust the Coloring Elements as follows:
    For branches B_3 we turn on the VC, and turn on the Inherit from parent:
    For Leaves, we also turn on the VC, and turn on the Coloring Elements, it will generate a random color. Then we add the Inherit from parent to 60%, to inherit the colors from the branches B_2:
    The texture can be created like this:
    If you want to mix more than 2 textures, you can use our plugin-texture GrowFX MultiMap...
    Download this example: Oak_2.max

    Learn a recruit again very practical tips :P

  8. :) Very good results oh ~ can you write a tutorial or simple said the production process? I have a lot of places in self-study GrowFX, not understand ah ~ thank you very much.

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