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  1. Finally solved, thank you for your immediate answer.Such as leisure time, help manual also need to see a few times.
  2. The meaning of this value is model subdivision?Why increase this value will appear as shown process?
  3. The meaning of this value is model subdivision?
  4. I according to you to tell me the method and made a new tree, Wind Modifiers used in Direction Modifiers, but the effect of shake has appeared.Perhaps the reason of the growth animation of shake is not Win Modifiers applied into Direction Modifiers?GrowFX I self-study is to look at the help manual, there are lots of places is not very understanding, I'm so sorry and thank you very much for your help. growth_tree.max
  5. OK,I try the new version 1.9.7,Thanks a lot.
  6. I am as you say, but halfway through the Max VrayProxy process will go wrong!Another problem is if I don't convert Growfx file into VrayProxy can undertake network share?Need to install any other plugin?RenderNote is how to use?
  7. GrowFX file can be converted into VrayProxy?Why when I convert VrayProxy Max system will collapse, if I want to in the company on the public server with Autodesk Backburner for network rendering should be how to operate?
  8. Thank you for your answer, but I according to you give tips to set up the animation seemed not very natural.Don't know what the problem is caused by?I want to ask next, using GrowFX animation growth, want to get a good result what areas do I need to have special registration?thank you!
  9. I want to ask next everybody, I had a tree growth of the animation, why the effect of shake? 01.max
  10. Administrator, I'm asking why just deactivation Growfx not successful?Need to be connected to the Internet?My computer operating system(windows) is broken, can't connected to the Internet, after reshipment system activation GrowFX affect me?Has encountered a situation before.
  11. I am currently installed GrowFX1.9.5, I want to update to the latest version of how to operate?Must be connected to the Internet update activation?Thks..
  12. I want to take advantage of GrowFX make a bunch of grapes, like the above attachments pictures inside tried many times, the effect is not very ideal, don't know to have what a warm-hearted friend can help me or give some ideas, very grateful!
  13. Files has been through the email(noreply@exlevel.com) sent to you, please check.
  14. Why after I have the growth of animation into Vray proxy and model is wrong? :DI am here: http://exlevel.com/PlantsLibrary/ download models,Why can't add point cache modifier?
  15. Administrator here, I'm ready to a growth of animation, and then I add Point Cache modifier and recorded, but why a canhe info:The current file contains no deformations,perhaps because it was recorded with no modifiers active.Do you have Skype account? I buy GrowFX just activated, there are a lot of questions to able to be solved in real time.
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