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  1. Bump. Is this reproduceable by the dev-team? Would really love a fix for this as I end up starting a new 3ds max process several times during any given day.
  2. @Eduard Ahh, brilliant! I will try this out. Thank you! PS: Is there a reason everything except for the Count Rate % and the Seed offset is present in the main node tree? I previously noticed that I could find the Seed in the right panel but totally missed the Count Rate parameter (but probably wouldn't have guessed I could use it in this manner anyway)?
  3. I'm working on a tree animation and I wish to have 20 percent of the leaves being much affected by the wind and the other 80 percent affected very little. Right now I'm achieving this by copying the distributor (and some other nodes following it) in order to end up with two seperate path nodes for the leaves, which I can then plug into their own separate Wind AfterMesh nodes. And I then control the division by setting the density of each distributor at the top of the tree. But I'm wondering if there's a better way to achieve my end goal - with fewer nodes?
  4. After upgrading to 2.0.1 I noticed that the built-in cache would result in random jittery/jerky motion throughout the animation (even with no wind nodes enabled). - I did some bug hunting and found out that disabling the single Noise Direction node in my tree flow resolved the issue. - Setting the cache to only run 1 thread also "fixes" the issue while allowing the Noise Direction to still be in the flow. - However, I opened another GrowFX scene, which also has a Noise Direction, and in that case there is no problem at all... Is this a known/reproduceable issue - and is there a workaround?
  5. @Eduard The 2.0.1 update fixed the cache frame ranges when toggling on/off in the scene - thanks! But... when a scene is reopened, the frame range is reset each time to something else than my previously set values...
  6. Just installed the max GrowFX 2.0.1 update for max 2023. Max is still super slow to start up. I timed it to 1 min 20 secs. It's good to take pauses throughout the day, but I'd prefer if I was the one making the decision - not my software.
  7. My timeline in 3ds max 2023 is set to 100-200. If I set the in/out point in GrowFX cache to 100-200, record a cache, and then disable and re-enable the cache, GrowFX resets the cache values to frame 0-100, forcing me to type them in each time I disable/enable the cache. The whole idea of using the cache is to check the result of the animation on a dense tree, so I will need to enable/disable the cache plenty of times when working. Please make a fix for this.
  8. Hi I just bought a license for GrowFX 2 and noticed the same issue in 2023. Super slow start up time. With GrowFX in the plugins.ini 1min 36 secs Without GrowFX in the plugins.ini 35 secs Is this due to some licensing "phone home" that makes max wait? In any case, a fix for this would be nice.
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