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  1. It amazes me, I never knew VRay Renderer needs to be used here. I thought it was just something else.
  2. I don't think so Simon. It won't run at all if it's an installation issue. Just my opinion though. Have you mailed the sample already if I may ask?
  3. Top of the line animation indeed. +1 on this.
  4. I duplicated this issue just to see it for myself. It indeed works!
  5. Thanks for that Gmlealll. I'll sure keep this in mind. Good work around too.
  6. Awesome job guys. I tested this and I was able to work with Vertex color already.
  7. Nice. I'll be trying thi sout too. I'm sure this will be good.
  8. Nice of you to post that lovely tutorial Wallworm. A lot of newbies would be able to benefit from this including myself.
  9. Hi Mad, were you able to find a fix for this? It would be nice to share this so other users might be able to find this useful.
  10. Hi. Any updates on this yet please? I was hoping if there was a current work around for this.
  11. Hi Ajroane, I was wondering on how this went for you. I'd love to see a preview of your work.
  12. I'd like to have this too please. +1 on the angle axis.
  13. I love the rendering. Great job here Jason.
  14. Hi Andrew, I was just checking up on this. Were you able to find a work around instead? I was just curios if you were able to make this model already.
  15. Sorry but I'm lost here. You'll throw out discoounts only on November but not in December? Why is this please?
  16. Looks like a lot of work but it's always a good thing to learn new things.
  17. The images look really realistic! Good job! How long did it take you to put this up altogether?
  18. Thanks. Just to be sure, this might be implemented onto the next version, right?
  19. Don't forget to post your work at the gallery mad. There will be a lot of good reviews for sure.
  20. I was looking to set up horizontal branches like this. I'll give dummy path a try and see how it goes.
  21. Hi Jason, is your model done yet? It would be nice to show it off at the gallery so people would be able to review this for you.
  22. Is there a work around here by any chance? I would like to try this one out if possible please.
  23. Hi Mbe, I was just curios on this. Can you please share on how these random crashes were fixed for you?
  24. I hvane't touched on SmGroups yet but how did this worked out for you Ajroane?
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