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  1. Hi Eduard, today after the error yesterday to day i tried re installing prev 1.7, and still no luck, growfx still fails to initialize, i opted to go back to 1.6 for now. Nildo
  2. Eduard...sorry i still have a problem... i merged a tree on a current max file, all was fine..but then i saved it (good that i saved as... ), when i try to reopen, same error happens. Nildo
  3. Hi... I just tried your file, and now all works again , just hope it doesn't break again thx for such a fast response Nildo
  4. Eduard, Hi Im running win7 64 bit max12 64bit, and i just got the same error of failed to initialize... strange because last night was running fine... Nildo
  5. I love the new WIND Feature very powerful and USEFUL... and quite easy to setup..congrats Eduard. Nildo
  6. Ohhh thats just GREAT NEWS! i spent alotta time setting up wind the current way, and it stil doesnt look very nice on this tree im making...plz plz let me know when u have it available . Nildo
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