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  1. Hi Eduard..How about this solution? see max file attached... Im trying to simply workflow and by using points as distributors and then having splines to drive direction, even if the BRANCH is not oriented properly i can just rotate the growfx POINT to align..works perfectly, problem is that if u move the main growfx node, the points are not linked to it...BUT if i link ALL Helpers (including grow fx main node) to a POINT MAX OBJECT (MOVE ALL point object in this scene) i can have what i need..., would this cause any issues down the line in terms of speed and crashing etc? I was really hoping for a different workflow, where the branches (in this scene) would be derived from a spline that has more then one spline attached and then having that drive the final result..but grow fx only recognizes splines that have ONE spline...so Im forced to created 2 independent splines if i want 2 branches, and still have the freedom to change final look by editing these splines individually... is there another way? max2017 btw. t.max
  2. Please see attached screenshot.. I was able to "do it" by adding one spline at a time and have them control EACH branch, i dont know if there's an easier way to do it..but even this, there are some splines that are NOT followed correctly..if you see in this example no matter what spinner I dial i cant get growfx to followthe splines that are being used to control it...All i get is an approximation of its position.
  3. Hi Eduard, I have a VERY SPECIFIC TREE that i have to model..and I have splines that Id like to use as modeling bases for the trunk branches etc...is there a way to make growfx follow the splines specifically? i mean not making interpolations or anything...something like an "extrude" along splines and then using meta mesh to connect all the extruded cylinders? please show me a tutorial on this ...basically i wanna make the tree using splines because i feel i have better control when it comes to making the shape of the tree...
  4. Hi.. I don't usually post very much..but here goes...we just released to the public our latest short, it 12min long and after a few runs thru various festivals, this year it was Nominated for best animation of 2014 by the Africa Movie Academy Awards, I'm posting it here because a bit of the work done was thanks to Growfx, the main tree (TreeHouse Tree) was done with Growfx along with some other Models here and there.. I Hope you enjoy it Thank you for your time Nildo Essá
  5. Im not sure what you mean by "being simple means decrease in options" . From what i read speedtree has this feature already, would be nice if we would have it too..and inside max that would be a dream! Nildo
  6. Hello Eduard, I have an upcoming job that we might have to do an animation growth, i kow growfx already does this, but its kinda...difficult hehehe... do u have any plans to simplify this anytime soon? without having to go thru all the parameters and dialog boxes etc, etc... Nildo
  7. Very nice! i already bought the membership! too bad that you can only download 10 plants per day (why btw?) ...but it is ok.
  8. Hmm than i think Octane does not support it, because all max procedurals are not supported by octane ...shame...
  9. Very Nice upgrade Eduard.. congrats for this! question: can u tell me it the new texmap is supported indenpendently of the render engine to be use? we use octane for max in our studio...do u know if this will be an issue? Nildo
  10. Hi Eduard..any news on this update for max 14? Nildo
  11. One more thing ... is there a way to make wind animation loopable?!
  12. Ahh ouf! growfx is such a complete but also complicated tool that i thought i slipped somewhere..thx eduard So.. in my case that i use meters as display units and inches as system units, what would be correct way to model a tree is it alsways using 0,1m in the Unit Calc?
  13. Hi..I was using the 1.8.5 beta for some reason it was not working now with 1.8.6 is working.. But now another thing, im trying to follow EVERY step of the tutorial "http://exlevel.com/tutorials/HowToCreateASimpleTree/" and when i get to the part where you say "As a result, you'll get a tree model as shown in the picture below:" where u see the orange branches for the 1st time, in my tree i get VERY FEW branches , i dunno whats happening, i went thru again and again and all values i'm using are the same as the tutorial's values for all the red frames. midwayTothetutorial.max
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