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  1. wserlopz, on 27 Mar 2013 - 11:14, said: I meant an object that is not part of the GrowFX object. My goal is to emit particles from a fruit or flower on a tree... right now I'm manually animating a sphere to follow the same move as the flower in my GrowFX tree which is an instanced geomery, but if I change any parameter on GrowFX or on the Wind the sphere I have no longer tracks the same move. Also if I wanted to do the same for many flowers on the same tree it would be hard work to track all of them manually. Wondering how can I achieve that. I have attached the file I'm working on. Thanks in advance! SIMPLE-TREE-C_MAX2011_035.max
  2. Thanks for the answer! Is it possible to attach an non-GrowFX object (cilinder / box) to any element of the tree, without loosing it's animation? can maxscript access the GrowFX fruit's positon / rotation? Cheers, thanks again!
  3. Hi to all, I'm creating a tree with one flower in GrowFX using an "instanced geometry" mesh builder. Is there a way to bring the instanced geometry from GrowFX into particle flow after it's been animated with wind / growing leaves, etc...? Or to bake the whole GrowFX object into a editable poly with different object ID's for each piece. (not sure if it will keep the animation that way) Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create a tree with one opening flower at the very end of the trunk. My flower is made of different parts all of them using the "morpher" modifier with keyframes all over the timeline. Is it possible to use a group as an instance geometry for the meshing? Right now I can only select individual objects not groups and if I try to attach all the pieces to make one object I lose the animation. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers to this awesome tool!
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