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  1. Here are the renders I did to showcase my models of Globe Cherry - Prunus Eminens 'Umbraculifera' trees made in 3dsmax with the growfx plugin. The trunks are 3d scanned using Reality Capture photogrammtry software. 8K textures generated from 40 million triangle scanned meshes. Aproximately 200K – 300K tris for each retopologized trunk model, small details are in the normal maps, no displacement is used. You can purchase the models at my gumroad page: http://gum.co/globecherry Available in the following formats: ● 3dsmax 2014 file with Vray 3.6 materials ● 3dsmax 2014 file with Corona materials ● Vray proxy export ● Corona proxy export ● FBX export ● OBJ export ● GrowFx files version 1.9.9 SP8
  2. Im experimenting with wind atm and didnt notice anything like that but im animating grass so maybe simpler structure. Did You put the wind in the aftermesh modifier ?
  3. So You have to buy copyrights too if You want to sell it .
  4. yes, but i was asking about Your offer, some people want to buy copyrights too.
  5. But without the transfer of copyrights ?
  6. when You turn the option Perturb Speed 'on', even if I put the speed amount on 0 it still changes the position of geometry a bit would it be possible to make it so it doesnt affect geo when its on 0 ?
  7. From what I know, obj doesnt strore vertex color data. You need a different format, can maya import fbx ?
  8. Yes, I'm selling those on gumroad. I hope You don't mind ?
  9. I have prepared my first 3D model for the arch-viz community. What do You think about it ? You can get it and read more about it on my blog page: http://gamma22.com/2019/02/01/feather-reed-grass/
  10. Mario


    Cool, but why is the guy in the background walking backwards ?
    Works quite well I think, but has a bit CGI look to it.
  11. Mario


    Good model, looks very belivable, I have just tweaked materials a bit.
  12. Thanks, good to know zbrush can do this, but I would have to buy zbrush just for making foliage pretty much.
  13. and I didnt take it as offensive by any means, just asking because that was my main reference picture and Im not an expert in this in any way, plus I dont live in mediterranean area.
  14. I wanted to add some kind of displacement to the trunk and some broken branches but the metamesh doesnt like that and produces some errors/bugs so You think this is Pinus sylvestris... ?
  15. Well I have looked at the reference pictures on the net and there are also more sphere shaped examples, maybe it depends on the age of the tree ? when its not fully grown its more like a sphere ? I'm not sure about it but thats the type I was going for from a reference. Thanks for the comment I have adjusted a little bit the tree but have some problems with adding details to the trunk.
  16. Mario

    Amazon river

    Wow, pretty good stuff. Congrats !
  17. Hi, I'm wondering, is there any way to improve metamesh precision to avoid certain errors/bugs like in the image below...
  18. What do You think ? I'm looking for some suggestions on how it can be improved.
  19. The split of the main Trunk is done by levels ?
  20. Its built on 4 paths plus fifth are berries (std leaves mesh) starting path - path A, is a path distributor the others are path pos distributor on the previous path at 100% position and every path has a Vector direction downwards (gravity like)
  21. soorrrrrry i had Turn axis on 180 forgot to turn it off i think its finished now....
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