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  1. The trunk "knobbles" are a displacement map?
  2. They were gone for some reasons. It was a file write error from 3dsmax. The 3dsmax devs contacted me because I sent in error reports regular. No idea what those caused. I only got the error with growfx plugin. When it auto-saves or I manually save. Now we have a new growfx version plus a SP3 for max. I hope it is gone.
  3. I'm really stuck. Doing a cactus here. I thought it is a simple model but the devil is in between the detail. I studied the sample cactus from planz library but still have problems with the spikes to match teh cactus shape. FIrst of all the spikes are not following 100% the shape of my cactus. Second the spike plane (I use a texture for the spikes, with instanced geometry plane) is not on top if the ripples but always in the "valley" of the ripple. I messed around for three or fours hours now with this stupid cactus and think I miss something fundamental.
  4. Yes it is very stable usually. This making it strange. I now finished the plant without problems. Which mail can I sent the scene to?
  5. I get lots of random crashes here. Three times in about an hour. Sometimes I just open the Graph-Editor and then GrowFX hangs and 3dsmax 2014 shuts down. It can't even write a recovery file. Other times I was adding a new direction-modifier. It aain hangs, did nothing, then I tried to add the modifier again, 3dmax crashed. Using latest Beta Version. Thise non-reproduceable crashes are most annoying. For users as well as a developer.
  6. Thanks!. This is what I tried at first but I noticed my modeled leaf doesn't fit the curve of the path. It was like a stick. For example, if my spline is bent, then this geometry leaf should bent too.
  7. Ah okay. Then I assume it is not possible 8at the moment). I guess I will use the shape from the leaf then, turn into geometry and add a shell-modifier with some manual twekaing to get the job done.
  8. Where can I download the update? I'm a customer.
  9. Hi! Need to make some desert plants and started today with a Agave. I'm not a pro with GrowFX yet and maybe I'm starting at a wrong point. Good news, I got the leaf shape I need and will start over with three distributers. One for the ground leaves, middle parts and upper one which bends to the top. So it is not going too bad. But I stumbled onto some problems. Bad news are, I need some thickness on my leaves. This nice shape I made but with full geometry. Is this possible? I played around with cylindrical mesh but had no good looking results and wasn't even able to match the shape. Also tried to add a full custom modelled leaf but it didn't work. Some Agave plants have little spikes at the leaves. How can I do them? And finally: The leaves which are interescting each other need to be removed/adjusted later manually I guess? No "collision control" or something like that? If it is not possible I may get off with alphas because I need to optimize for real-time application a bit. But if I can solve the spikes and mesh problems I may be able to do nice cactus with same method too.
  10. mbe

    Agave americana

    This is cool. I just was curious if I could do this type of vegetation with GrowFX because I have to do some desert plants for a client. Thanks for the workflow!
  11. mbe

    Some Game Trees

    Thanks to the few but very good tutorials I was able to do some decent game trees quite quickly after one week of watching and trying. I think I have a nice workflow now for my game trees and will switch over from my manual modeling to GrowFX. It is so much faster. I have a small 3D asset store spezialised on game environments (shop.pure3d.de) so the tool was what I was looking for to find more time to push out nice trees besdie my visualization services I do with Pure3D. The cool thing is I can use GrowFX for my regular projects too. They need some more polishing on textures but I think I can share now. The Apple tree has around 1700 triangles and two materials. The dead tree has 3000 because of the mesh I used. PLus the textures have distorsions and visible seams. Still figuring out how to fix it best. Now I need to learn more about vertex colors and will enhance the 2D branch planes more until I go into production for my next collection.
  12. Ah yes thanks! I noticed I have to do it with an "Affect". Works like a charm! Need to dig a bit deeper with all the Affects thingy. Thanks.
  13. Hi, new user here! I do 99% of my vegetation for games and had really great results so far using GrowFX and the ability to make my textures of branches to use with simple alpha mapped planes. Now I discovered the planes ignore the path settings. I attached a simple image of a test tree. The alpha mapped plane has a branch from a pine on it. I used it as a instanced geometry and was exspecting that the size of the planes will get smaller on top of the tree. Just like the path do. I really hope I do something wrong here because otherwise it would be pretty useless for games in most cases because it is a common workflow to scale the plane just smaller on top of the tree doing game assets. If the size of geometry isn't influenceable I would be deeply gratefull if a checkbox or another graph option could be added to the instanced Geometry object so the size of my plane gets smaller like the path do.
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