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  1. Love it, i really bought. Now buying the Maxtree too. Very userfull to my work. Thanks for created.
  2. Congratulation suitlm! i hope can buy some models from you, amazing work my friend
  3. So beautifull! congratulation my friend
  4. esanti

    Bush setting

    nice plants! alpineas?
  5. esanti

    Vertical Garden

    so beautifull! congratulations 3DMK! so fantastic results
  6. congratulation for you hard work Eduard...and Happy New Year 2012! grow in more prestige for Exlevel.
  7. wow Eduard! congratulations dude! a lot thanks for this amazing collections good start to new buyers...some day more big that Onyx library a lot job here, you are great dude!
  8. thanks for reply Eduard. So, it the only way? mmm ok. maybe in 1.8 you can add this option
  9. Hi Eduard! i am try do a begonia plant, this plant not is a tipic leaf position: how i can do this axis displacement? (B to A) thanks! Pd. sorry my bad english.
  10. esanti

    Plant with Flowers

    wow so beautifull results! congratulations, a lot patience
  11. Eduard can you add maps too? i am learning to make myselt the trees to my proyects, just now tying this Apamate: follow this videos and tutorials Eduard i love your plugin bro!
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