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  1. I got a project from an agricultural company and they want to show the growth animation of 100s of different species of plants like wheat, peas etc and their root animation. Can we create accurate species of plants like wheat and other specific leaf shapes etc using growfx? I have the pro version. Something like this: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1672163553054659&id=1643098099294538
  2. Ok, nice. Are there any tutorials about UVW mapping the trees and trunks of these plant library trees? They would be fine if some leaf texture and bark is applied on them.
  3. I have the purchased Growfx 1.9 version and was downloading some plants from the library on this website. The plugin is very good and has a lot of features. But the plants in the downloads section are not of the detailed quality like you get in Forestpack pro library. The leaf meshes are only simple polygons and no material maps. Will there be good quality plants added later?
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