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  1. Short answer - don't use Maya (outdated and very very buggy piece of software) Long answer, you'll have to recreate your materials in Maya. Not so long and not so short - try to export as obj too. Import the obj in Maya and retrieve the materials from it, apply the materials to the alembic file. And avoid Maya. Go 3dsMax instead.
  2. No problem! If you need additional help, you can reach for me on DM, facebook, twitter
  3. Glad that you see this problem too, Eduard. A workaround I often use is use the Object Reaction of the trunk of the Path and then use another Object Reaction on the branches but as AfterMesh Modifier. This way one does not affect the other even when generating points. Will look at your file and study your workflow. Thanks!
  4. The methodology I said was used to create the lettuces on this job here: https://didali.com/portfolio/sebrae-feira-do-empreendedor/ You will create the lettuce veins using splines, and create the lettuce leave using splines+Garment Maker. You then add the Cloth modifier to the Lettuce leave and add the lettuce veins as collision object (but with collision OFF), and create a group on the Cloth selecting the vertices closer to the veins (using softselection is a nice option here). You then make that group mode to Surface and select the veins so the selected vertices get attached to it. You'll then animate the scaling of the veins so they get smaller, and then hit "Simulate" on the cloth. The lettuce leave will shrink and pinch driven by the veins. On top you can add some noise and FFD to get to the final shape! If you have any doubts, feel free to ask
  5. Hi Terri, A couple of years ago we too had to model lettuces here and I found out that making some simple (yet clever) cloth Sims gave very good results, and was procedural enough to generate a wide range of variations. I'll post tomorrow a bit more explained the process. It's easy, but now I'm AFK
  6. Hey guys, I've been using GrowFX for some time now and everytime I need to make ivy on pergolas I'm never quite satisfied with the end result. I feel we need a bit more control on how the ivy spreads over a surface or mesh because it's easy to have the branches bundle together and make a spot too dense and others too sparse. Also, there's a strange behavior on the Object Reaction modifier. What happens is: 1 - I add the modifier to the main trunk of the ivy and edit the parameters until I'm satisfied. 2 - I also add the modifier to the branches of the Ivy. As soon as I add the modifier, the Trunk moves. This is far from ideal (not sure why this happens) since you loose the look of the trunk. The same happens if you add the same modifier to any other level below - each of them changes the behavior of the last level and moves the splines. I'm attaching the file with the latest Ivy I managed to make (Max 2016). Notice how the leaves and branches tend to bundle together instead of spreading and keep distance between themselves. Maybe a future update to have better control over this or am I doing something wrong? Smart70_Pilotis08_IvyOnly.max
  7. I'd setup some kind of dummy/low res system to simulate and link/skinwrap the high res tree to the low res sim. Depending on your tree res, this might turn into a tough job!
  8. Just forgot to deactivate too.... Can you deactivate on your side Eduard?
  9. Hello people, just gathering some info if this is happening to you too. Just tested on 1.9.9 SP2 and 1.9.9 SP3 and this happens on both in Max 2016. ​Basically, the Slice and ObjectSlice do not work as expected on leaves meshes - I just opened an old file were I had this slice to simulated cut grass and the modifier just alters the leave length, NOT cutting it! Check image below to see what I mean. ​Does anyone else get the same bug? As I said, using Max 2016 here. Cheers!
  10. Ok, found the "By Width Graph Points", but can not found the "Modify directions". Anyway, could not get Max to freeze or crash. My main complain is windows 10 making really hard to grab GFX windows since the "minimize" "restore" and "close" buttons are now big and cover almost the whole top part of the window.
  11. Just tried that on Max 2016 and GFX 1.9.9 SP2 and could not reproduce the crash. Running on Windows 10 here. Where's this "By Width Graph Points" option?
  12. Very nice update! Keep it up Eduard!
  13. Great news!! Really glad you guys nailed that graph bug!
  14. Never though about that 3DMK. Interesting... I have a GForce 780 GTX, any suggestion on video driver?
  15. Just tested the latest version (SP3) and the bug is still there. I think I can reproduce it. 1 - on any graph, select a node and on the lower part of the graph window type a value for that point. 2 - zoom out the graph clicking on the "zoom vertical extends" and "zoom horizontal extends". Now move the points again, they will move faster than normal and Max will crash. It's not guaranteed that the bug will happen, but everytime it did happen I was messing with the graph!
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