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  1. Fantastic update Eduard, thx for the good job!!
  2. Oh : you make my day... I've just realise (ok just ne day on grow fx lol) that we caan convert cylider mesh to meta mesh in one clic ! Love that !
  3. mmmm... in fact it was working... i've let my 3dsmax turn approximatively 30 min alone and he done the job... strange...
  4. Hi again! I've tried your recent suggestions and it work well, i've tweek some parameteres and understand what it concern. But i've a "little" problem with GFX... I've made a tree, common tree and i've follow your online tutorial to do that, just i've update the mesh builder to metamesh (normal...) But now, when i want to update the mesh, (unchecking the display spline only) grow fx launch a progress bar... And sleep... what about sleeping? tht's just it don't do anything... I've opene my windows task manager and check the cpu and ram graphs... Everything is sleeping... 800 mo of ram and nothing more... Sometime i've a freez or maybe some octets which grow or move on this task bar, but here... nothing! i'm usin grow fx 1.5 sp1 that you send to me on 3dsmax 2011 X64 running on vista 64 and bi-pro xeon E5520 with 18 go of ram... Thanks! Raistlin
  5. i'm just thinking about a great thing, maybe? The hability to use a cylinder mesh to preview the metamesh and turn on when we have ended everything? no?
  6. Ok i'll try it immediatly! many thanks
  7. Hi! I'm trying just for now the metamesh option (a lot of job for 2 month ) and i want to build a new tree, so i'm decided to build a simple tree to look around, and i' afraid with the time needed to compute a meta mesh trunk and branches... If we can have a simple tutorial to explain that, and "how to obtain a metamesh preview" for exemple, it could be great..; Because 5 min to generate a simple metamesh with 2 trunk and 5 branches... I just don't want to test it with many more items... And, i'm using a bi-pro xeon x5520 with 18 go ram... Not a computer problem lol! Many thanks! Raistlin
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