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  1. Nice to see this working for you axis. Once you have your model finished, it would be really nice if you can put it up at the gallery section.
  2. Good job! With out having a close up, I would really think that this is natural.
  3. Personally, I don't think drag and drop would be the issue here tough. If you can send the model, they should be able to investigate it for you.
  4. This is by far the best plant modeling software to me. The future is really bright I'd say.
  5. Good job on this 3D, keep it up.
  6. peleus

    Mountain Trees

    Very nice work! It has a feeling of like 5AM in the morning and realistic too.
  7. Nice idea. Maybe clicking on a random button three times will create the desired effect. +1
  8. Thanks for being transparent to this. I'm quite optimistic that this will be soon enough.
  9. Nice work on this release. Looking for forward for the next version.
  10. Hi zandor2002, hopefully this will be resolved for you. When it does, it would be nice if you can also post the solution here.
  11. Thanks, the only way to get the update is through email? I mean can it be downloaded online?
  12. Thanks for the update. I would be patiently waiting for this though.
  13. Hi buddy, this was a nice work. Are you still making these?
  14. Hi Luke, were you able to finish the project already? Would be nice to take a quick glimpse on it.
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