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  1. Thanks Eduard, I'll try this tonight. I vaguely remember having a laptop with growfx installed at the same time as I had it on my primary workstation in like 2010 but never deactivated it because the laptop malfunctioned so let's see what happens!
  2. Hi Eduard, sorry, licensing-questions always leave me puzzled and I want to make sure. I have one license and it's been of enormous help throughout the years so thanks for the great software. Does this 3 PC licensing system allow me to leave my office computer and 3DS Max which has GrowFX installed up and running through the night while I can continue creating or modifying my plants on another computer at home, simultaneously?
  3. Thanks! Is there a way to sent it directly to you?
  4. So the name of the plant in question is Lupinus polyphyllus and here http://newfs.s3.amazonaws.com/taxon-images-1000s1000/Fabaceae/lupinus-polyphyllus-ha-mlovit-f.jpg is a great example of what I'm trying to achieve - you see how the tip kind of tapers into a tight formation? Attached is a pic of where I'm at right now. As you can see the top scaling doesn't really work. If I send you the file could you have a look at it? I'm not that great with all the Length parameters and such.
  5. vkiuru

    GrowFX + Modo 601

    Really nice, the second one especially has a great feeling to it.
  6. Wow, the examples in the PDF look way better than anything I've managed to do.
  7. Noise direction modifier could do that if you do not set the noise strength to zero at 0.. just guessing though.
  8. Wow, that puts all my earlier efforts to shame! I need to study that tree and try to figure out what it is that makes my trees oftentimes look so "forced". Thank you Eduard for both the tree and the quick reply!
  9. So it's been almost a year.. how about it, Eduard? I've done a lot of ground cover plants and the like, but I clearly lack some relevant skill in understanding and mimicing more complex trees. Okay, I've done some decent trees also but one in particular that gives me headache is a maple tree which just happens to be one of my favorites in real life. I mean I can get it to look close to one but still the branch hierarchy just seems off somehow and I've started from scratch about a thousand times and feel like now I'm stuck repeating the same mistakes every time. I'm talking about a tree like this: --- I especially love the way the maple branches spread to create these kind of evened out "platforms" so the leafs get as much of the direct sunlight as possible: and my results so far look somewhat close but still very forced Any chance you have a maple template lying around?
  10. Like the topic says, I get freezes of about 3 to 5 seconds every time I change any value in a material that has been assigned to a GrowFX object. This is not file specific, it happens in every scene in both Max 2011 and 2012. Is this a known issue?
  11. Hi and thanks for the reply. Glad to hear! Awesome plugin but very time consuming to get the most out of it
  12. First of all hello everyone. The new mesh builder looks promising, very much looking forward to that. However what I've been missing from day one are presets for some of the main tree types. Onyx has libraries and I'm sure you guys have generated decent conifer and boardleaf trees while developing so I can't help but wonder why we still have no presets with GrowFX. Anything to do with the fact that rendering.ru sells trees that look like they've been made with GrowFX? Anyhow, most of us are busy with our jobs and while the vast number of settings is of course awesome, it is also pretty overwhelming to anyone that does not have time to make trees as a full time job. I bought GrowFX when it first came out, and now after about a year and a half later, I'd say it would be a good time to get some libraries to work with.
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